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Lof x DTS – TSM Take First Place

Lof x DTS – TSM Take First Place

Richard Brown


Last night saw the conclusion of the Lof x DTS Invitational Series, as Team Solo Mid were able to defeat China Nguyen 2:0 in the grand finals.

The event began its qualification stages on the 9th of May and ran all the way until 17th of June. The total prize pool for the grand-finals was $5000, with the winner taking home $4000, and the runner up taking home $1000.

The Lof x DTS Invitational Series was comprised of four qualifiers, one taking place each week leading up to the playoff bracket. The top two teams from each of these qualifiers would make it through to the playoffs. Each qualifier also had a prize pool of $1250, with the first-place winning $1000 and second place taking $250.

The tournament format for the qualification stages, as well as the playoffs, consisted of a single elimination bracket, with every match being a best-of-three (BO3).

Lof x Dts playoffs

The eight teams that made it through the qualification stages were:

  • Team Solo Mid
  • China Nguyen
  • Pon Pon
  • Destined
  • 303 Esports Orange
  • Team Yelo
  • Rugratz
  • Echo 8

The playoff bracket can be found below.

LOF X DTS Playoff bracket
Image via vlr.gg

Team Solo Mid were able to make it through the playoff bracket without dropping a single map, as would be expected of a team of such caliber and backing. On the other side of the bracket – China Nguyen dropped a map against Rugratz in the first round, but were able to win the series 2:1. They then went on to beat Destined 2:0 and headed into the grand-finals to take on TSM.

The grand finals were a one-sided affair, as TSM were able to dismantle their opposition on both maps. The first map took place on Ascent and after winning 11 rounds on the first half, TSM closed out the map 13:3. The second map, Haven, didn’t go China Nguyen’s way either, as they were only able to put up 5 rounds in total, losing 13:5.

Image via vlr.gg

Drone put up a dominant performance in the grand-finals of the event and received the MVP for the Lof x DTS Invitational Series.

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