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Liquid tops the group stage after G2 match at Allied Esports Odyssey (Recap)

Liquid tops the group stage after G2 match at Allied Esports Odyssey (Recap)

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The group stage of Allied Esports Odyssey has come to a close. The fifth day of the event saw the final set of matches being played out before moving onto the playoffs. This day has also revealed which four teams have qualified for the playoffs out of the six participating. To spice things up, the last day featured G2 Esports take on Team Liquid in the most awaited matchup to determine who takes #1 spot.

Day 5 Results

BBL Esports vs. Vodafone Giants

The first match of the day saw the bottom teams go head-to-head. BBL Esports were fighting for honor as they had no way of qualifying for the playoffs. Giants, however, could potentially take Ninjas in Pyjamas’ (NiP’s) place in the playoffs. However, things did not go their way as BBL made sure to get out of the tournament with honor. They took Haven in a triple overtime win on Haven 17:15 before moving onto Ascent. There, BBL showed dominance on defense and sailed through Ascent with a 13:7 score. Giants have failed at having a chance of qualifying for the playoffs after their final match of the tournament.

  • Haven: BBL Esports 17:15 Vodafone Giants
  • Ascent: BBL Esports 13:7 Vodafone Giants

Ninjas in Pyjamas Vs. FunPlus Phoenix

Following the previous match, both teams were safely qualifying for the playoffs. The matchup was a matter of how much prize money each team would get, as well as retaining honor. After a tough game on Ascent, it was NiP that came out on top after an extremely narrow 13:10 result. This would propel the Swedish org to get a solid 6:6 half on Bind. However, FunPlus Phoenix retaliated on the defense side on Bind and bagged the map to get a draw at 13:9.

  • Ascent: Ninjas in Pyjamas 13:10 FunPlus Phoenix
  • Bind: Ninjas in Pyjamas 9:13 FunPlus Phoenix

G2 Esports vs. Team Liquid

The most awaited matchup of Allied Esports Odyssey group stage finally arrived. G2 Esports versus Team Liquid. Having debatably the best rosters in the EU Valorant region, we saw some of the finest Valorant action out there. G2 picked Ascent as the first map. Although Team Liquid attempted to fight on their defense side and amassed four points before the half, they got absolutely blown out on attack, failing to score any points. G2 took the first map with confidence at 13:4.

The final map of the group stage took us all to Haven, where a much tighter match ensued. Team Liquid were on a five-map winning streak on Haven, so expectations were high for ScreaM and co. to tie it up. And finally did we see ScreaM step it up on Reyna. A very back-and-forth Haven map ensued. G2, despite ScreaM’s best efforts, were leading the half at 7:5 as his fragging power wasn’t enough to secure a lead. On Haven’s defense, ec1s and the rest of his teammates were finally looking much better, aiding their top fragger in combat. In the end, Liquid pulled ahead after a series of gut-wrenching rounds. Liquid made it all square at 13:8 to get the draw and remain on #1 spot in the table.

  • Ascent: G2 Esports 13:4 Team Liquid
  • Haven: G2 Esports 8:13 Team Liquid

Final Group Stage Table

Following the five days of Allied Esports Odyssey action, this is how the group stage has finished:

Credit: Liquipedia

Team Liquid, FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports, and NiP are going through to the playoffs. BBL Esports and Giants Gaming are out of the tourney.

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