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Kingdom Calling – Valorant Event Recap and Summary

Kingdom Calling – Valorant Event Recap and Summary

Richard Brown


The grand final of the Valorant Kingdom Calling event has concluded, as eXiLe eSports managed to take down Wave Esports 2:1, securing first place.

The event took place from November 6 – 7, and featured eight teams from Europe, predominantly from the German region. However, the team that won the event, eXiLe eSports, is made up of a completely Lithuanian roster. The combined prize pool for the event was €2,000 ($2,371 USD), with first-place taking home €1,000 ($1,186 USD).

The format for the event was quite unusual – the eight participants began in what looked like a standard double-elimination bracket. However, the teams that lost the first round match (quarterfinals), were knocked straight out of the event instead of moving down to the lower bracket. The bracket then played out from the semifinals as a typical four team, double-elimination bracket. All the matches were best-of-one matches, except the grand final which was a best-of-three.

Kingdom Calling – Playoff Bracket

After winning their first match, BIG faced off against Wave Esports, who managed to defeat the well-known German organization, knocking them down into the lower bracket. Wave Esports then marched on and lost to a dominant eXiLe eSports team in the upper bracket final.

BIG managed to defeat SPARX ESPORTS, getting the opportunity for a rematch against Wave Esports in the lower bracket. However, the results remained the same, as Wave Esports were able to defeat BIG 13:5 in the lower bracket final. Considering the caliber of teams at this event, BIG must be disappointed with these results.

The grand final was set for a rematch between the eXiLe eSports and Wave Esports. Unfortunately for Wave Esports, they were unable to get their revenge on eXiLe Esports and went down 2:1 in the grand final.

Full grand final match results below:

  • Haven – eXiLe 11:13 Wave
  • Bind – eXiLe 13:4 Wave
  • Icebox – eXiLe 13:9 Wave

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