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Killjoy abilities leak showcase an automatic turret

Killjoy abilities leak showcase an automatic turret

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


With a new agent on the horizon coming with Act II, Killjoy abilities have been leaked on the official Valorant website by accident (presumably). The video showcases all abilities of the new Valorant agent, including the ultimate. Perhaps the most controversial ability in Killjoy’s arsenal will be the turret as it is fully automatized and fires at enemies when at range.

Abilities Breakdown

All of Killjoy’s abilities.


The alarmbot seems to be quite the powerful tool to use on defense and holding flanks. Once planted, the little bot disappears, but wakes up once enemies are in range, sprints towards them and explodes. Unsuspecting enemies will have to react fast to destroy the alarmbot before it reaches them.


Probably the most controversial ability to hit the game, this one will be under heavy fire from many players. Killjoy is able to deploy a turret that fires at enemies when entered its’ range. Additionally, the agent can also retrieve the turret and deploy it elsewhere. Due to this, it might be Killjoy’s signature ability.


This ability appears to deal devastating damage. The grenade appears to be a silent killer, with the enemies barely hearing it drop. Upon activation, it deals area-of-effect damage. In the video the caught Sova dies within 2-3 seconds after being activating the nanoswarm.

Lockdown- Ultimate

Killjoy’s ultimate ability is the ultimate bombsite anchor. After winding up for eight seconds, the beacon appears to slow all enemies in its’ range dramatically and reduce their responsiveness. However, allegedly, enemies are able to destroy the beacon before it activates.

Final Thoughts

Despite the abilities not confirmed yet officially, we are unable to tell whether Killjoy is as powerful as she seems. Nevertheless, her turret will be under fire from the community for sure. This is because automated tools that shoot for the player reduce overall skill demand. Even if the turret does not deal high damage, it will still be a nuisance that will need to be shot down.

Killjoy officially looks like a sentinel. Joining Sage and Cypher, it appears that the agent will make a great combination with Cypher. Trapwires alongside Alarmbots and Turrets? The attackers are going to have a hard time when matched against an adept Cypher + Killjoy combo.

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