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Is Valorant’s Ignition Battle Pass worth your money?

Is Valorant’s Ignition Battle Pass worth your money?

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


With Valorant’s official launch, Riot Games has decided to add a battle pass on release for all players to purchase. The battle pass, named Ignition, has a plethora of skins, gun buddies, sprays and titles for you to obtain throughout the tiers and levels. However, does the price tag match the worth of the Ignition battle pass?

what exactly do you get?

Valorant’s battle pass costs 1000 Valorant points, which equals to around $10. The pass has a total of 50 tiers and 10 separate levels or stages to progress through to get your rewards.

The Ignition battle pass, if unpaid for, still grants players some rewards. If you play the game without buying the pass, you’ll get:

  • 30 Radianite points
  • 1 Weapon skin
  • 3 Titles
  • 2 Sprays
  • 3 Gun buddies
  • 3 Player cards

Radianite points are used to evolve some premium skins obtainable from the store, such as the Prism collection that is currently available. These alter animations as well as color schemes.

If you decide to spend the $10 bucks, however, these are the awards you will receive (if you complete the pass):

  • 130 Radianite points
  • 13 Weapon skins
  • 3 Titles
  • 13 Sprays
  • 11 Gun buddies
  • 12 Player cards

Obviously, the difference is significant between the free and the paid pass. You receive 12 more weapon skins when you buy the pass, and they are for a variety of different guns, including the Vandal, Ghost, or the Phantom. On top of that, tier 50 of the pass grants you a knife, something that a lot of people will be after. The titles and player cards are perhaps not as enticing, however, some may like to also pick up the sprays and gun buddies. No matter what you’re after, the difference between paying and not paying is worlds apart.

Kingdom Knife skin awarded at tier 50 of the Ignition battle pass

How long will it take you to complete the pass?

If you do decide to spend the $10, the question remains; how long will it take you to get to that elusive knife at tier 50 and get everything on the pass? As you can imagine, it will take a while, and may be even impossible for some casual players.

A Reddit user by the name of Jibbly_Ahlers, has made a spreadsheet that is free to use by anyone, to see how long it would take to complete the pass. In short, to finish off all the tiers of the pass, everyone needs to accumulate 1,327,000 experience. Taking into account that each Act will run for around two months, this equates to accumulating 171,500 experience a week. This equates to around 23 full matches weekly. The numbers are quite overwhelming. For casual players, reaching tier 50 will be a near-impossible task. For a user that cannot commit such hours, the only way to reach the last tier is buying the tiers, which is a possibility. Each tier, however, will cost you 300 Valorant points, meaning that you will have to dish out 1200 Valorant points to complete a stage. That’s one out of ten stages, and the cost exceeds the cost of the battle pass itself.

Should you buy the battle pass?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. Maybe.

It depends on what how much time you’re going to devote to playing Valorant. If you’re a casual player that doesn’t have a lot of money to splurge, you may want to stray from spending the $10, especially if you don’t care much for skins. A person that wants to go pro and devotes a lot of time grinding Valorant, however, will most likely reach the last tier, and we advise such a person to spending that cash.

There is another angle, however. We imagine that a lot of people don’t care much for player cards, titles, and gun buddies. Therefore, those 1000 Valorant points can be used to purchase a skin that is not in the battle pass, such as the Phantom Rush, which costs 875 Valorant points.

Phantom Rush skin obtainable from the Valorant store

This will ensure that you have a skin that not many other players have, whereas many players will have the skins from the battle pass, some may choose this option instead.

For players that want to get an elusive knife skin, it may be more worthwhile to save the 1000 Valorant points and instead adding anywhere from 500-1500 more to get a knife. Players coming from CSGO especially, may choose this route.

In the end, it all depends on how much time you’re going to dedicate to playing the game. All the skins are cosmetic and if you are broke, you may want to skip buying Valorant points altogether.

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