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Introducing rib.gg Pick’Em System with unique MVP feature

Introducing rib.gg Pick’Em System with unique MVP feature

Charlie Pickles


VCT LOCK//IN predictions

rib.gg launches its Pick’Em System with unique tournament MVP Feature: Make Your VCT LOCK//IN Predictions Today!

Esports fans, get ready to take your predictions to the next level! rib.gg, the central hub for all things VALORANT and VCT, has just launched its brand new Pick’Em System with a unique MVP Feature. This system allows users to make their predictions for the upcoming VCT LOCK//IN tournament and other VCT events, and select a tournament MVP for even more points.

The VCT LOCK//IN tournament is the latest event in the highly-anticipated VALORANT Champions Tour, and it’s set to be a competition like no other. With the best teams from around the world competing for glory, it’s the perfect time to test your skills and see if you have what it takes to be a top predictor. And with the new MVP feature, you can now earn even more points by selecting the correct tournament MVP.

To get started with the Pick’Em System, simply log in to rib.gg with your Discord account and navigate to the VCT LOCK//IN tournament page. From there, you can make your predictions for each match, and select the MVP you think will shine the brightest. You can also track your progress and compare your scores with other users on the leaderboard.

The Pick’Em system is just the beginning of what rib.gg has in store for the VALORANT Champions Tour. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and opportunities to get involved in the action. Whether you’re a seasoned esports fan or a newcomer to the scene, the Pick’Em System is the perfect way to show your love for the game and make your mark on the VCT LOCK//IN tournament.

So what are you waiting for? Start making your predictions and select your MVP today! And don’t forget to invite your friends and join the competition. Who will be crowned the top predictor for the VCT LOCK//IN tournament? The stage is set, and the Pick’Em System is waiting for you.

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