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How to improve your aim and accuracy in Valorant

How to improve your aim and accuracy in Valorant

Joey Carr


In an FPS shooter like Valorant, your aim is everything. You can possess all of the knowledge about a certain Agent or map but the ability to aim is what wins rounds. If you can’t eliminate an opponent swiftly, then it might be difficult to win matches in any capacity. Luckily, there are ways to improve your aim and accuracy in Valorant. Though, while there are certain tips and tricks, it ultimately comes down to practice and repetition. Let’s check out some of the ways you can improve in this key area.

Improving aim in valorant

As with most other FPS titles, Valorant offers different training methods to help with aiming and accuracy. Riot Games has implemented the “Practice Mode”, which can be found in the “Play” section of the main menu.

Once you enter the Practice Mode, you can shoot at various target dummies and even compete against yourself in challenges. While this is a great method, it’s fairly rudimentary when it comes to improving. Nevertheless, you should take advantage of this tool whenever you can, as it does help.

For this guide, however, we’ll be looking at specific ways to help with your aiming. To start, you’re going to need to find a crosshair that works for you. Tinkering with your crosshair is done in the Settings of Valorant. In this section, you’re able to adjust every aspect of your crosshairs from the lines to dot to transparency.

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Of course, everyone has a different style and taste so spend some time to find one that works for you. If you’re looking to go with a popular choice among professional players, most use a fairly basic four-line design that’s smaller than the default version. Another popular option is just a dot with no lines.

In the end, go with whatever you feel comfortable with. Once you find one you like though, spend an hour or two shooting target dummies with that exact crosshair to familiarize yourself with the spray and recoil.

what works best for aiming?

Perfecting your crosshair is only half the battle of improving your aim in Valorant. The other half relies solely on your ability and knowledge of how aiming actually works. In Valorant, there are specific spray patterns you need to learn, but that only comes with practice.

After you’ve spent some time in training or in-game, you can begin to work on more advanced aiming techniques. One of the hardest techniques to master is aiming at the correct spot.

For the most success, you always want to try and aim near an enemy’s head. If you’re pre-aiming a corner, place your crosshair where you think the opponent’s head will be, not in the middle. This takes an inordinate amount of practice to master, but as long as you make an attempt to aim for the enemy’s head, you’ll improve with time.

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Now that we’ve covered that, let’s move on to the other aspect of aiming in Valorant, which is aiming down sights. In reality, ADS’ing really only makes sense when pre-aiming a corner or strafing. You should rarely ADS in close proximity as it takes longer and isn’t as accurate.

However, from longer ranges, it can actually be helpful for hitting the first shot. It also makes aiming for the head a tad easier given that you’re more zoomed in.

As previously mentioned, improving aim and accuracy in Valorant comes down to practice. If you put the time in and make a conceded effort to get better, you will. However, that process can be expedited in you follow our above tips and tricks.

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