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GLX Elite Series EU: Group Stage Recap

GLX Elite Series EU: Group Stage Recap

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The GLX Elite Series Europe event has partially been complete, with the group stage coming to a close. The event features a unique format as four teams have been invited straight to the playoffs. The remaining 16 teams have qualified through other means, either through EU Battle, or earning Circuit points. Those teams were put into four groups, with only 1 winner from each group moving on to the playoffs.


Group A saw high hopes for the German team BIG. Instead, the grand final came down to ROX TEAM and Eloquence, with ROX coming out on top in rather swift fashion. All it took was one win for ROX, as each team that wins two matches in a row gets put into the group final automatically with a 1 map advantage in the best-of-three (BO3) final.

ROX TEAM will be facing Prodigy in the quarterfinals of the playoffs of GLX.

Photo Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Group B: forZe

After a close call against VASTA Gaming, and a blowout win against Rix.GG, forZe went on to the grand final to face Rix once more. The match on Haven came closer than they would have liked, at 13:10, but made their exit out of the group stage a quick deal.

forZe will face SKADE in the quarterfinals.

Photo Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Group C: BBL Esports

In Group C, it all came down to BBL Esports or nolpenki. Both squads are well known on Europe’s Valorant scene. In the end, BBL reigned supreme, as nolpenki failed to fend away the Turkish power on two occasions. In the Winners’ Match, as well as in the Grand Final of Group C.

BBL Esports will face Gambit in the quarterfinals of GLX.

Photo Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Group D: SUMN FC

Led by Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett, SUMN FC have made a solid first impression. In Group D of GLX, Entropiq were a team some may have put their money on, after their success on the Polish Valorant scene. Instead SUMN FC dealt relatively swiftly with their opponents, and swept Zarplata in the Grand Final.

SUMN FC will face Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) in the quarterfinals of the playoffs.

Photo Credit: Liquipedia Valorant


The playoffs are shaping up to be a rumble of Europe’s talents that have not been able to overcome FunPlus Phoenix, G2, or Team Liquid. The obvious favorite should be NiP, as they are deemed to be up there alongside the aforementioned teams. However, given their rather poor performances, they need to show their dominance in this event to be considered as one of Europe’s finest.

Photo Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

However, given the scope of the teams, we may get an unexpected underdog clinch the victory at GLX Elite Series EU.

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