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Gifting, in-game replay system, and more, discussed at Ask VALORANT #3

Gifting, in-game replay system, and more, discussed at Ask VALORANT #3

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


In Ask VALORANT #3, the team behind Riot’s shooter has answered some burning questions from the community. The third iteration of the Q&A involved a discussion on the gifting system, in-game replays, number of Radiant players, map selection, as well as the observer tool.

Gifting system to arrive “soon”

In the Q&A, the Valorant team has confirmed that a gifting system will be live soon enough, even perhaps “by the end of 2020”. League of Legends has its own gifting system in place (named Gifting Center). This allows for players to gift their friends RP (currency), champions, as well as skins. It is unlikely that players will be able to gift their friends agents. However, skins and VP are definitely possible options.

In-game replay system on the horizon

In the Ask Valorant session, Steven Eldredge, a Senior Producer, has confirmed that the in-game replay system is something that the team will be “exploring soon”. By that statement, it does not seem like the system will be arriving very soon. Nevertheless, the replay system has a variety of uses that many players would definitely find a use for. For a competitive game like Valorant, such function could be used as a learning tool for correcting one’s mistakes. Others would probably use it to see whether a player on the opposite team was cheating or not. Whatever the intention, the community definitely wants this to be in the game.

A replay system will definitely aid in correcting one’s mistakes.

Map select option denied

For the sake of fairness and queue time, Ian Fielding, Valorant’s Senior Producer, firmly stated that Valorant does not have plans to include map specific selection for matchmaking. Given that there are currently four maps in Valorant, this answer was to be predicted.

Radiant player scope

Ian Fielding also gave us some insight on the Radiant rank. Given that the rank is supposed to “represent the most elite players”, the Radiant rank sports from “20 to 150 players” per region. That is also dependent on the regions population. Additionally, he has confirmed that once you hit Radiant but are inactive for 14 days, “you will have to re-earn it.”

Improving the esports observer tool

Last but not least, the observer tool in Valorant is something that the team wants to develop down the line. The Valorant devs imagine the tool to be something that captures “storytelling” alongside “action and style of the game played at the highest level”. This is the esports angle that the team is striving to achieve when it comes to the observer client. Nevertheless, given that Valorant is a relatively complex game with different agents and their abilities, they are aware that it will take time to develop the tool with input from organizers of tournaments that are part of the Ignition Series.

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