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First Strike Turkey: Grand Finals Recap

First Strike Turkey: Grand Finals Recap

Gabriel Ionica


Day four of First Strike Turkey has arrived, bringing an end to the tournament! Our four day of matchups gave us the two final games: the Lower Bracket Final and the Grand Final. Somebody even got the first 13:0 of the tournament. Read on to find out who was crowned the First Strike Turkey Champion!

Lower Bracket Final

Futbolist vs Oxygen Esports

Map 1: Split

Futbolist was a new addition to the lower bracket, having been defeated 2:0 by BBL Esports. That being said, they seemed to have a hard time in the first half with Oxygen taking a strong lead. Futbolist managed to earn three rounds, with Ufuk “SasuKe” Göktaş in the lead but Oxygen made short work of that taking the halftime lead with a 9:3 score. Futbolist turned it around in the second half, this time with Buğra “mojj” Kiraz leading the charge. A very nice 4k from İbrahim “mag0o” Temizel tied the game 12:12, pushing it into overtime. Futbolist were able to continue their winning streak into overtime, taking three rounds to Oxygen’s one. 15:13 win went to Futbolist.

Map 2: Ascent

The second map proved that Futbolist had a rightful place in the upper bracket, taking the first three rounds before Oxygen were able to fight back. Oxygen had their own winning streak after that, thanks in part to Mehmet “Turko” Özen this time. Their streak only lived for four rounds however, as the squad led by Salih “marqnue” Onaran got five more rounds to close out the half 8:4. The second half was much closer, with Oxygen trailing behind by only a few rounds. Even so, that trail proved to be too big as Futbolist quickly capitalized on it and won the match Salih Onaran 13:8. Oxygen went home, while Futbolist went into the grand final.

  • Split: Futbolist 15:13 Oxygen Esports
  • Ascent: Futbolist 13:8 Oxygen Esports

Grand Final

BBL Esports vs Futbolist

Map 1: Haven

Futbolist were back to facing BBL, the team that first knocked them into the lower bracket. BBL got a one-map advantage since they came from the upper bracket which started them out 1:0. The two rivals were evenly matched in this first half, with Futbolist quickly catching up to BBL’s four-round lead. Both teams won themselves two more rounds, closing out the half with a tied 6:6 score. Futbolist took this personally and retaliated, gaining a three-round advantage at the start of the second half. BBL kicked it into high gear themselves, driving past Futbolist’s lead and winning the first game 13:10.

Map 2: Split

Add one round to BBL’s score from Haven and remove one from Futbolist’s and you get 7:5, the score for the first half on Split. Hüseyin “aimDLL” Kabişteke led BBL once more, racking up 16 kills by the end of the first half. Futbolist fought hard in the second half, with both Emre “STERBEN” Demirci and mojj getting a 3k for their team. That proved to not be sufficient to put off BBL’s attack and a final kill by Batuhan “russ” Malgaç crowned BBL Esports as the First Strike Turkey champions.

  • Haven: BBL Esports 13:10 Futbolist
  • Split: BBL Esports 13:10 Futbolist

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