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First Strike Turkey Day 3: Upper Bracket Final & Lower Bracket Rounds 2-3

First Strike Turkey Day 3: Upper Bracket Final & Lower Bracket Rounds 2-3

Gabriel Ionica


Day three of First Strike Turkey has ended! Our third day of matchups gave us the last four games before the grand final. Somebody even got the first 13:0 of the tournament. Who was it? Read on to find out!

Upper Bracket FInal

BBL Esports vs Futbolist

Map 1: Bind

BBL had quite a good day yesterday in the First Strike Turkey in the semifinals, taking down Oxygen Esports quite easily on Bind and Ascent. Their good fortunes on Bind seemed to carry over to today’s match, with BBL gaining a 5:1 initial lead over Futbolist. Round 7 is when things began to take a turn, as Futbolist’s defense started kicking in. İbrahim “mag0o” Temizel and Ufuk “SasuKe” Göktaş threw it into high gear and gained Futbolist four rounds. The defensive side did not take kindly to this and steamrolled Futbolist into the second half with an 8:4 score. The start of the second half was off to a much better start for Futbolist, who won the next seven rounds largely thanks to mag0o. Futbolist were only able to gain one more round in the second half before BBL decided they had enough and took Bind for themselves with a 13:11 final score.

Map 2: Ascent

The beginning of Ascent was almost the same as Bind’s, with BBL gaining an 8:4 lead at halftime. One of the key differences was that Ali “AsLanM4shadoW” Osman Balta was leading the charge with 12 kills. The second half of Ascent was not as forgiving to Futbolist as BBL steamrolled the rest of the game and won 13:4 with AsLanM4shadoW continuing to top the leaderboard.

  • Bind: BBL Esports 13:11 Futbolist
  • Ascent: BBL Esports 13:14 Futbolist

Lower Bracket Rounds 2-3

Sangal Esports vs Mod-Z Esports

Map 1: Haven

Mod-Z had a very strong start in their second match against HaZe Clan yesterday and that same thing seems to have happened here. They seemed to have a very easy time defending against Sangal’s attack, with Cihan “mean” Battal taking the half 10:2 against HaZe. The second half was not any more forgiving for Sangal, despite some valiant effort from İbrahim “lurzy0y0” Sandıkçı and Tolga “bacy” Bacak who both pulled off double digit frags. Sangal was only able to gain four more rounds on Mod-Z, before the latter took the map 13:6 for their first win of the day.

Map 2: Ascent

The first half of Ascent seemed more balanced, with both teams duking it out for close round wins. Mod-Z put up quite a fight, taking five rounds away from Sangal. Sangal’s entire team came through this time, closing the half 7:5 in their favor. The Sangal train continued to choo-choo into the second half with Muhammed “mini” Salman leading the charge for Sangal. Mod-Z put up their best defense but couldn’t push back Sangal’s offense, as they end up taking the game 13:9 and moving on to the third map.

Map 3: Split

If there’s something we’ve learned here, it’s that Mod-Z have done great on the attack side. It was Duhan “duhax” Kurtaran who stepped up during the first half for Mod-Z. In the same fashion as Ascent, the teams had a very close first half but Mod-Z snuck ahead and won the first half 7:5. Sangal was not able to recover, as Mod-Z kept pushing back their attack. Sangal was only able to take one round in the second half, with Mod-Z closing it all out 13:6 in the third map.

  • Haven: Mod-Z Esports 13:6 Sangal Esports
  • Ascent: Sangal Esports: 13:9 Mod-Z Esports
  • Split: Mod-Z Esports 13:6 Sangal Esports

Oxygen Esports vs Anatolia Esports

Map 1: Bind

Right off the bat, it was clear these two teams were great rivals. Neither looked to have an advantage over the other, with the score being tied at 5:5 up until round 11. A quick nitrous boost by Anatolia gave them two rounds on Oxygen as they won the half 7:5. The second half was not as close, which seems to be a theme here. Anatolia kept the pressure on Oxygen, with Emirhan “L7” Şahintürk in the lead. Oxygen only won one round in the second half and Anatolia put their strengths together and won with a 13:6 score.

Map 2: Ascent

Ascent was even closer than Bind. Both teams were on top of each other all through the first half, ending in a tied 6:6 score. The two teams continued to butt heads into the second half, with Anatolia hot on Oxygen’s heels. Despite some great performances from Anatolia, including a 4k from Orçun “farewell” Köroğlu, they were not able to keep the game close for long. Oxygen pulled away with Mehmet “Turko” Özen in the lead and soon took Ascent for themselves 13:11.

Map 3: Split

Split was the third and final map, meaning one of these teams was going home after the match. Oxygen were able to keep up their momentum from Ascent, quickly taking the lead over Anatolia in the first half. Toprak “lauress Kaynak put up a great fight on the Anatolia side, but the entire Oxygen team pulled through and brought the first half to an 8:4 victory. Anatolia did slightly better in the second half, with lauress and farewell at the top. Oxygen’s Muhammed “m1tez Tezcan really popped off in the second half and with his efforts, Oxygen took the third map 13:10, sending Anatolia packing.

  • Bind: Anatolia Esports 13:6 Oxygen Esports
  • Ascent: Oxygen Esports 13:11 Anatolia Esports
  • Split: Oxygen Esports 13:10 Anatolia Esports

Mod-Z Esports vs Oxygen Esports

Map 1: Ascent

Oxygen Esports were hot off their win against Anatolia Esports, and it showed. It showed so well, in fact, that they won every single round in the first half. That’s right, 12:0 in the first half. Göktuğ “XiSTOU” Canciğer got over 20+ kills in the first half, heavily contributing to Oxygen’s stampede. Oxygen only had to win one more round in the second half to win the map, and they did just that, bringing the first 13:0 of First Strike Turkey.

Map 2: Split

Mod-Z were able to regain their footing on Split after their depressing loss in the first map. Despite a strong lead from Oxygen, Mod-Z were able to get four rounds on them. XiSTOU continued his streak from the first game, now joined by Erdem “Toronto Sogukpinar to take the first half 8:4 before Mod-Z did any more damage. Mod-Z’s Mert “cacan” Çaçan earned himself a nice 3k and helped earn his team another six rounds in the second half. That’s when Oxygen decided enough was enough and after a sneaky defuse from m1tez, won the game 13:10 and propelled themselves into the First Strike Turkey Grand Final.

  • Ascent: Oxygen Esports 13:0 Mod-Z Esports
  • Split: Oxygen Esports 13:10 Mod-Z Esports

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