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First Strike Turkey Day 2: Upper Bracket Semifinals & Lower Bracket Round 1

First Strike Turkey Day 2: Upper Bracket Semifinals & Lower Bracket Round 1

Gabriel Ionica


Day two of First Strike Turkey has ended! Our second day of matchups gave us another four games that you definitely do not want to miss out on. Check out what happened!

Oxygen Esports vs BBL Esports

Map 1: Icebox

Oxygen had some pretty close games yesterday against HaZe Clan but ended up coming on top. That same was true for their first game against BBL during the second day of First Strike Turkey. In the first half, both teams were swapping round after round with Göktuğ “XiSTOU” Canciğer picking up the slack on the Oxygen side. BBL’s defense was just as strong however as the teams came to a tied 6:6 half. The second half was a different story as Oxygen racked up round after round, taking seven in total to BBL’s four. Batuhan “russ” Malgaç really stepped up his game in the second half for BBL but that proved to not be enough as Oxygen took Icebox 13:10.

Map 2: Bind

Bind started a lot stronger for BBL, taking seven rounds before Oxygen was able to retaliate. Oxygen ended up bringing home four rounds in the first half while BBL took one more for themselves, bringing the halftime score to 8:4 in BBL’s favor. The second half was an absolute homerun for BBL. They shut down Oxygen’s defense at every corner, with Hüseyin “aimDLL” Kabişteke pulling off some nutty shots and getting a board-topping 24 kills. Oxygen were not able to recover and won no rounds in the second half, giving Bind to BBL with a 13:4 score.

Map 3: Ascent

Moving on to map 3, BBL were able to carry over their momentum from Bind. Ali “AsLanM4shadoW” Osman Balta led the charge this time, bringing his team four rounds before Oxygen fought back. In a similar fashion to Bind, Oxygen ended the half with only four rounds, as AsLanM4shadoW continued to lead the charge for BBL. The half ended 8:4 for BBL once again. The events from Bind repeated once again as Oxygen continued to fall apart. Five rounds later, BBL won the match with the same 13:4 score as Bind.

  • Icebox: Oxygen Esports 13:10 BBL Esports
  • Bind: BBL Esports 13:4 Oxygen Esports
  • Ascent: BBL Esports 13:4 Oxygen Esports

Sangal Esports vs Futbolist

Map 1: Bind

Sangal started off this map on a strong note,, successfully shutting down Futbolist’s defense for five rounds in a row. Futbolist gained some steam, pushing back against Sangal’s attack and racking up four rounds of their own. However, Sangal was having none of it and a few team kills later, took the half for themselves with an 8:4 score. The game was looking good for Sangal, but Ufuk “SasuKe” Göktaş and team brought the game to a tied 12:12 and into overtime. Futbolist looked like they were on to something but Tolga “bacy” Bacak made sure to dash their hopes and Sangal took the first map 14:12.

Map 2: Ascent

On Ascent, things were not looking as hot for Sangal. Despite taking the pistol round, Futbolist quickly fought back with an 8:1 lead. Sangal were able to take three more rounds but the combined efforts of İbrahim “mag0o” Temizel and Buğra “mojj” Kiraz made short work of their comeback, winning the half 8:4 for Futbolist. Sangal’s lack of steam carried into the second half. Mag0o was on fire this half, pulling almost 30 kills and shutting down Sangal’s offense on the regular. In the end, Futbolist took the second map 13:7, giving both teams one map each. Onto Split.

Map 3: Split

The first half went a bit better for Sangal, as Beyazit “beyaz” Körpe and Muhammed “mini” Salman brought the half to tied 6:6 score. SasuKe brought back his spirit from Bind, and a few multi-kills later dropped Sangal to the lower bracket with the same 13:7 scoreline as Ascent.

  • Bind: Sangal Esports 14:12 Futbolist
  • Ascent: Futbolist 13:7 Sangal Esports
  • Split: Futbolist 13:7 Sangal Esports

Lower Bracket Round 1

HaZe Clan vs Mod-Z Esports

Map 1: Bind

HaZe Clan fell to the First Strike Turkey lower bracket after a tight match with Oxygen, while Mod-Z did so after losing to BBL Esports. Both teams looked especially strong in the first half, with HaZe Clan hot on Mod-Z’s heels. At one point, the two teams were tied 5:5 before Mod-Z pulled ahead, thanks in part to Cihan “mean” Battal and Utku “DeadInk” Onur Aydın, and ended the half 7:5. Mod-Z were able to carry this momentum into the second half, letting HaZe take just one round. Final three kills by Duhan “duhax” Kurtaran sealed the deal and earned Mod-Z the game victory with a 13:6 score.

Map 2: Ascent

If we’re talking about a strong start, Mod-Z were the embodiment of it on Ascent. By the time HaZe Clan were able to recover and get back on their feet, it was already halftime and Mod-Z were up 10:2. HaZe put up more of a fight in the second half, taking three more rounds from Mod-Z but they were not able to capitalize on them. To really end the game on a strong done, İsmet “Draven” Eroğlu took out the entire HaZe Clan on his own, winning the game for Mod-Z 13:5.

  • Bind: Mod-Z Esports 13:6 HaZe Clan
  • Ascent: Mod-Z Esports 13:5 HaZe Clan

Anatolia Esports vs Beşiktaş Esports

Map 1: Haven

In the first half of Haven, Anatolia wanted to make sure they established their dominance early, racking up a whopping eight rounds before Beşiktaş were able to win one. By this time, Orçun “farewell” Köroğlu and Toprak “lauress” Kaynak were already on double digit kills. Beşiktaş put up a valiant effort but were only able to take three rounds in the first half, bringing the halftime score to 9:3 in favor of Anatolia. Beşiktaş did not fare much better in the second half, as Anatolia gave up only two rounds before taking the last four to win the game 13:5.

Map 2: Bind

Beşiktaş started off much better on bind, staying close to Anatolia in terms of the score. Some solid kills from Mehmet “tmhMM” Yıldırım and co. gave Beşiktaş the initial advantage over Anatolia, with a 7:5 score at halftime. The second half was an entirely different story. Despite some very close kill counts, Beşiktaş’s luck seemed to have run out as they were only able to scrounge up three rounds. As the game was close to ending, lauress pulled off another three kills to round it out and win the game 13:10 for Anatolia and end the second day of First Strike Turkey.

  • Haven: Anatolia Esports 13:5 Beşiktaş Esports
  • Bind: Anatolia Esports 13:10 Beşiktaş Esports

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