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First peek at Valorant’s new “Elderflame” skin variants (including a new knife)

First peek at Valorant’s new “Elderflame” skin variants (including a new knife)

Anthony S


Just yesterday Riot teased a brand new “Ultra Edition” skin collection dubbed “Elderflame” to be available for purchase on July 10th. While not much could be seen about the skins from Riot’s teaser video, today some new leaks found from game files were surfaced displaying what each gun and variant would each look like.

The Vandal’s Ultra Edition (UE) Elderflame skin sets the tone for the rest, rocking a spicy shot, reload, and kill animation. Each shot taken feels like a miniature fireball in it’s own right scoring across the map towards your opponent.

When you get a kill with an Elderflame skin, the gun’s favorite fiery dragon ancestor will ascend down from the heavens and scorch your target’s already much dead corpse. It’s worth noting that this kill animation is present for all the skins that follow.

It’s clear from these videos that Riot’s moving away from the traditional gun skins you’d see in games like CS:GO, and instead trying to add a bit of flair to their cosmetics.




We’ve previously discussed the possible pricing of this bundle being as much as much as 12,375 VP (at around 2475 VP per skin). Regardless of whether or not each skin deserves such a luxurious price tag, it’s clear that Riot’s dead-set on setting a new and exciting precedent for what to expect from future skins.

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