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Fight Night Arena #7: Way 2 French stay on top

Fight Night Arena #7: Way 2 French stay on top

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Fight Night Arena #7 has come to an end with Way 2 French staying on as the winners. The event organized by Giant Slayer, features a near- identical format as the Take The Throne series, where the winner stays on to defend their title the following week. This week, the NA event saw Way 2 French defend their title against Charlotte Phoenix (CLT).

Charlotte Phoenix fail to dethrone Way 2 French

Charlotte Phoenix started off as the contenders in the semi-finals. They first had to overcome Mamba Mode Gaming to reach the finale. The best-of-three semi-final was a walk in the park for CLT, as they stomped Mamba Mode Gaming 13:6 on Haven, before crushing them 13:3 on Bind. Charlotte Phoenix was looking like a solid contender for the title of Fight Night Arena.

The contenders did bring the fight to Way 2 French, at least on the map one. Haven ended up going to overtime as both teams found their mojo on the defense sides, taking 10 rounds each before overtime commenced. In the end, Way 2 French clutched out Haven at a close 13:12 scoreline.

While CLT did very well on Haven, Bind was definitely not their playground. The Canadian side took control early on, bagging the half on the attacking side at 9:3. After a brief attempt to bring on the fight from CLT, the Canadians took the four rounds necessary to close out the final in convincing fashion at 13:6, and 2:0 in map series in the BO3 finale.

The Way 2 French squad is looking like a solid team in the NA region. Apart from having defended their title at Fight Night Arena, they have also recently come out on top at Trovo Challenge. This orgless squad is definitely one to keep a close eye on down the line.

For a montage of the best clips from the semi-final and the grand finale, check out our video below.

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