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Fight Night Arena #12 — China Nguyen sweeps Pretty Boyz

Fight Night Arena #12 — China Nguyen sweeps Pretty Boyz

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Giant Slayer is presenting Fight Night Arena once again. The first night saw Moon Raccoons defeat Demon Time and China Nguyen topple Way2French. Those hard fought battles led to the opening contest of Night Two of the two-day event. Moon Raccoons and China Nguyen went toe to toe with the winner facing the champions, Pretty Boyz.

China Nguyen vs Moon Raccoons

Map One

The first map of the contest was Haven. The match started off hot for China Nguyen as the defensive team. Cute fat boy immediately pulled off a first round ace. The second round was completely in China Nguyen’s favor as well, with a flawless victory on the back of Dcop’s triple kill. Moon Raccoons didn’t let them keep it up, taking round three by total elimination.

Things progressed in Moon Raccoons’ favor due to some smart plays by Skelly and Mag1c. China Nguyen showed no interest in letting that continue and the first half ended 6:6. The first half ended even, but it was very one-sided at times. The second half, however, was a back and forth battle.This led to an inevitable overtime.

Dcop kept up his spectacular fragging by getting three kills in the first round of overtime. He was unable to defuse the spike, however, just missing the timing. This would prove to be the nail in the coffin. Moon Raccoons switched to defense and were able to close things out. Mag1c and Stealthy produced 23 and 27 kills, respectively, ending map one with an arguable upset victory for Moon Raccoons 14:12.

Image via Moon Raccoons’ Twitter

Map Two

Map two saw the teams battle it out on Ascent. Stealthy had no problem continuing his hot streak, collecting three kills in the first round and defusing the spike. Tyti attempted to mirror that effort in the following round, securing three kills of his own, but falling short of a victory for China Nguyen. The lead advantage shifted several times, but both teams were able to keep things evened out for a short while.

China Nguyen finally pulled ahead to end the first half 8:4. Dcop stayed on fire with three Judge kills, two of them from an insane blast pack play into B Main. The following round, he would do it again for two kills with the Raze blast pack sending him into B Back. Dcop was simply unstoppable on Ascent, finishing with a KDA of 22-10-6, carrying China Nguyen to a comfortable 13:5 victory.

Image via China Nguyen’s Twitter

Map Three

Bind was the deciding map in this series. China Nguyen entered the map with a Killjoy, being the second team this week to select the agent. Back and forth was the theme yet again. China Nguyen eventually took the lead, in similar fashion to the last map. Dcop remained stellar with cute fat boy and DXN joining him near the top of the leaderboard. The first half ended with a familiar 8:4 score.

Paincakes would enter the fragging competition with his teammates to start the second half. All of China Nguyen played their part, pushing their way to a hefty lead. For Moon Raccoons, Mag1c and Stealthy started to step their game up. It would net their team a few additional rounds, but Dcop would have his name called again. Ridiculous shotgun and blast pack combination plays were his trademark all evening. China Nguyen finished things off at 13:8. They head to the Fight Night Arena championship match with a 2:1 map count.

Pretty Boyz (c) vs. China Nguyen

Map One

Map one of the championship series of Fight Night Arena #12 was set to Haven. Pretty Boyz started off with a few easy rounds as the attackers. China Nguyen would retaliate with a solid three kill round by cute fat boy. Pretty Boyz quickly brushed that off as PureR began to dominate with agent Jett. Their lead would be no more, though, because of who else but Dcop? He started out as the top fragger for China Nguyen once more, tying things up for his team with four operator kills in the eighth round of the contest. That gave China Nguyen the momentum to end the first half 8:4.

The second half began with Pretty Boyz defending just as well as they attacked in the first half. PureR pulled out a sneaky defuse as China Nguyen assumed he was saving and exited the site. They were unable to make it back in time before the defuse gave the round to Pretty Boyz. China Nguyen would learn from their mistake and snagged the next several rounds seemingly in revenge. DXN clutched a 3v1 after getting the spike down. China Nguyen took map one 13:7 as Dcop again set the bar with a KDA of 25-10-5.

Map Two

Bind appeared again during the event as the second map of the series. The map seemed to dictate the agent selection, as China Nguyen loaded in with Killjoy on Bind again. China Nguyen began map two as the attacking team. Pretty Boyz looked to control things early on, but DXN stole a round with Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenade. He threw two and activated them from a distance, getting one kill and delaying the defuse enough to pick up the second kill with the Sheriff. China Nguyen would keep it up with tyti handling a 3v1, denying the defuse. The first half ended with China Nguyen leading 7:5.

The first round of the second half saw China Nguyen continue on their path toward victory. Paincakes would secure an ace as his teammates sat back and let him have it in a hilarious moment. Dcop, again, coupled the Raze blast packs with the Judge, bouncing around corners and surprising his enemies with a few kills. Pretty Boyz pushed back hard, though. On an eco round, cute fat boy was able to capitalize on a kill, took a weapon, and turned it into three kills along with a defuse. That temporarily shut down a Pretty Boyz comeback. Brando restarted it, though, with a four piece. DXN then took it to match point with a four kill of his own.

China Nguyen finished map two 13:11. That means China Nguyen have dethroned Pretty Boyz with a 2:0 map count. Congratulations to China Nguyen as they are the new Fight Night Arena champions!

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