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FaZe Invitational Day One Recap

FaZe Invitational Day One Recap

Richard Brown


With day one of the FaZe Invitational having concluded, we will be providing a recap and summary of the results for anyone who missed out on the action.

Day one saw an enormous amount of matches being played, as all the matches for the GSL group stages were played on the first day. Meaning that out of the sixteen teams that started, we are now down to eight.

The teams that did not make it through the group stages are listed below:

None of the teams that played their way through the qualifiers managed to make it through the group stages. These results might be what would have been expected, although a team like 100 Thieves must surely be disappointed with these results.

Group Stage Results

Group A proceeded as was expected, with one of the tournament favorites, Sentinels, winning all of their matches. They did however drop a map to Gen.G, which could be a sign of weakness. Gen.G also made it through the group, defeating Built By Gamers and Lemonade Stand 2:0 and 2:1 respectively.

Group B saw both Cloud9 and TSM qualify for the playoffs. Cloud9 were able to beat TSM 2:1 in their match, securing themselves a better seed for the playoffs.

Group C saw T1 breeze through their opposition, defeating both Mixup and Envy 2:0. The real fight in this group came between Envy and Complexity, which saw Envy securing the victory and claiming their position in the playoffs.

Group D was the most uncertain in my opinion, as none of these teams were clear favorites. Immortals managed to show their dominance winning both matches 2:0, while FaZe Clan was able to secure the second spot. I’m sure FaZe Clan will appreciate these results, as they only recently completed their roster.

A complete list of the eight teams that made it through to the playoffs:

More information on the event can be found in our viewers guide. We hope you found this recap of the FaZe Invitational day one results useful.

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