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FaZe Invitational Day Four Recap

FaZe Invitational Day Four Recap

Richard Brown


For anyone who missed out on the action from day four of the FaZe Invitational, here is a recap and rundown of the results.

The final day of play saw only two matches being played; the lower bracket final and the grand-finals. The first match saw Immortals take on Sentinels. Both of these teams would have been eager for a rematch against TSM in the grand-finals, as TSM knocked them both down into the lower bracket.

Complete playoff bracket can be found below:

Image via Liquipedia

Lower Bracket Final

Sentinels 2:0 Immortals

It feels like Immortals are able to handle any other team in North America at the moment, except Sentinels and TSM. Throughout the event, Immortals had convincing victories in almost every match-up, except against these two teams. However, Sentinels were able to outclass Immortals and win the series 2:0.

  • Bind – Sentinels 13:9 Immortals
  • Split – Sentinels 13:5 Immortals

Immortals finish the event in 3rd place. Overall, this shouldn’t be a disappointing result for Immortals. They have proved to everyone and themselves, that they are more than able to compete for top spots at big events.


TSM 3:2 Sentinels

TSM came into this best-of-five (BO5) grand-final with a one map advantage, due to playing their way through the upper bracket. This meant that they only needed to win two maps in order to win the series and the event.

The on-going rivalry between these two teams certainly bore fruit in this series, as each map felt like it could have gone either way. However, TSM was able to close out the fourth map in overtime, winning the event.

I’m sure this must be a very satisfying result for TSM, considering how Sentinels won the last two events.

  • Haven – TSM 8:13 Sentinels
  • Split – TSM 13:11 Sentinels
  • Ascent – TSM 7:13 Sentinels
  • Bind – TSM 14:12 Sentinels

Wardell and Drone had dominant performances in the grand-final series, with 74 and 65 kills respectively. For Sentinels, ShahZaM also had an impressive performance, with 79 kills across the four maps.

TSM take home $25,000 for first place and Sentinels receive $15,000 for second place.

If you are interested in a more in-depth look at the previous days’ results of the FaZe Invitational, be sure to check out our recaps from day one, two and three.

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