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Evil Geniuses confirms its 2023 VCT roster

Evil Geniuses confirms its 2023 VCT roster

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


The roster reveals keep on coming. This time, NA finds itself with another complete 2023 VCT team in the form of Evil Geniuses. It will deliver a VALORANT Champions Tour team unlike any announced in the Americas League thus far. There will be seven players on the roster as the squad has signed two fairly substantial free agents.

Evil Geniuses adds BcJ and Ethan to compete in the 2023 VCT

The Evil Geniuses team for the 2023 VCT season consists of:

The first five listed have all been with the team for quite some time. The new additions are BcJ, formerly of XSET, and Ethan, formerly of 100 Thieves and NRG. They’ll add some flexibility, versatility, and firepower to the large roster. Both were clearly sought after free agents and Evil Geniuses own the battle to secure them for the VCT.

The organization also confirmed that Christine “potter” Chi will remain as the team’s Head Coach. She first joined EG’s VALORANT division as a player when they entered the esport at the start of 2021. Later in the year, she transitioned to the role she holds now and has been there every step of the way, building this team, and prepping for the upcoming partnered era.

How the seven-player roster will work out is anyone’s guess, but expect Evil Geniuses to give all of the team their time to shine. They will more than likely play the “hot hand,” sending in whoever is getting the job as well as playing more situationally. That will depend on the opponent, map, and overall Agent composition.

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