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Everything we know about Skye (so far), Valorant’s newest agent coming in Act III

Everything we know about Skye (so far), Valorant’s newest agent coming in Act III

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Act III is fast incoming. With the brand new map named Icebox, an official blogpost by Valorant developer Jeff Landa, has shown us what the agent looks like. Despite not giving us her name nor her abilities, leaks have swarmed the internet with possible explanations on her origins and abilities. The new Valorant agent will be available in the patch following the introduction of Act III and the Icebox map, and is named Skye.

Name: Skye, Origin: Australia

Unofficial Valorant Twitter accounts that are predominantly concerned with uncovering upcoming releases have gone hay over the upcoming Agent. However, this teaser for the Vietnamese audience portrays the agent nicely and is the first tip to her name as well as abilities.

With “K” as the second letter, it’s not hard to reach a name for the female agent. Also, a Discord channel by the name of C.V. Lore Den, allegedly has an inside source that confirmed the name of “Skye”. On top of that, the source claims that she hails from the country down under, Australia.


Skye is shaping up to be a hybrid of healer and information gatherer. If true, then she will be joining Sage as the second healer in Valorant. Perhaps the last Sage nerf was deliberate, so that Skye has her place in competitive play.

  • AoE healing ability (can’t self-heal)
  • Bird ability that works like Sova’s drone
  • Wolves ability are similar to Spike Rush wolves
Source: Valorant Blog

The abilities described above do somewhat match the picture of the Vietnamese tease before. Her Area-of-Effect heal can be a very effective tool to heal multiple teammates at once. If she indeed cannot self heal, then the team will have to make sure to keep her alive for as long as possible.

We’ve seen the Orb that can be picked up in Spike Rush that spawns wolves. Those wolves chase the closest enemies and slow them.

Lastly, the bird is somewhat of a mystery. Does the bird mark enemies? Does it do any damage or inflict some sort of debuff? We are yet to find out more about it.

Role: Sentinel

While we have no clear leaks about this one, it’s pretty obvious from the artwork and possible abilities. Her healing ability alone has a sentinel-like quality to her role. However, there’s a slim chance she may also be an initiator due to her wolves and bird abilities that have scouting qualities. We doubt that, however, as Valorant agent Skye is shaping up to lack pure offensive abilities and flashes (unless the bird is a flash).

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