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Everything coming to the Episode 3 Act II Battlepass

Everything coming to the Episode 3 Act II Battlepass

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Riot Games has released details regarding the Episode 3 Act II Battlepass. Run It Back has it all right here for you. From new skin sets and gun buddies to sprays and player cards, there are plenty of items to look forward to if you are planning to purchase the Battlepass.

Here are all the details regarding the VALORANT Episode 3 Act II Battlepass, some notes from the developers, and other details you need to know before it becomes available.

VALORANT Episode 3 Act II Battlepass details

The price for the Battlepass will remain the same. It will cost 1,000 VP to purchase. It will go live with the Episode 3 Act II update that releases on September 8, 2021. As always, there will be multiple free items alongside the paid items of the Battlepass.

Some of the free items include a Ghost skin, two gun buddies, a spray, and a player card. The paid items go much more in-depth with several gun skins, the traditional melee weapon, gun buddies, sprays, player cards, and Radianite.

Notes from the developers

The developers at Riot Games were asked a few questions regarding the Episode 3 Act II Battlepass regarding its design, inspirations, and challenges bringing it to life.

Q: What were your goals when designing the Ep.3, Act II Battlepass?

A: This is the first battlepass to feature a Phantom, Vandal and Operator skin. Artisan and Varnish should feel like they’re made of luxury high-end materials, while Nitro is very graphic and flashy. For the accessories, we tried to incorporate a lot more jokes and memes into this battlepass, especially since players really seemed to enjoy some of the more meme stuff we’d put into others.

– Sean Marino, Art Lead

Q: What did you take inspiration from / any notable concepts you wanted to convey with the Ep. 3, Act II Battlepass?

A: There’s a few sprays and cards inspired by community jokes or memes, but I’ll let the community guess which ones those are. The Follow Me Buddy is probably the best buddy we’ve ever put in a battlepass, so I suggest paying close attention to it. The Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix card is a really satisfying card to add since it ties back to the cinematic we released a few months ago and it’s something we’ve hinted at in a previous battlepass through the Broken Mirrors card.

– Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer

Q: Any unexpected challenges or novelty stories you’d like to share when designing the Ep. 3, Act II Battlepass?

A: We’re trying to create more “series” content so that players who enjoy collecting items can add to their collections. Some examples of these are the Map Schema, Weapon Manufacturer Schema, and Versus cards. The newest addition we’re excited about are the Unstoppable card series, the first of which features Reyna in her ult form draining the souls of enemies she’s killed. These cards should portray our agents in their most powerful state, their power fantasy. This idea may feel familiar to players who were around during Closed Beta, when we featured a few similar cards for Phoenix, Viper, etc. We get a lot of messages from players asking us to bring back those Beta cards. While those cards won’t be coming back in the same form, the Unstoppable series is our way of paying homage to those old cards. So, yes, we’ll eventually do an Unstoppable Viper and Phoenix card!

– Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer

Everything coming to the Episode 3 Act II Battlepass



Bucky (Blue, Red, and Green Variants)
Ghost (Blue, Red, and Green Variants)
Marshal (Blue, Red, and Green Variants)
Phantom (Blue, Red, and Green Variants)
Melee (Blue, Red, and Green Variants)

This skin set will be the star of the show in the Episode 3 Act II Battlepass. They all look incredible, including the color variations. The Phantom and Melee versions of the Artisan skin are going to see some use for a long time.



The Varnish line is the next skin line in the Battlepass. It looks like some old school leather you’d find in a classic car. Interpret that how you will. Some will take it as a good thing and others will take it as a bad thing. The skin set is a new style brought to VALORANT, however. There will surely be someone who rocks these.



This is the last skin set in the Battlepass with four pretty common weapons. The Guardian, Odin, Operator, and Vandal all getting this skin is awesome. While they don’t get the variations that the Artisan set does, the Nitro makes up for that with sheer coolness. The skin looks seriously great on all four of these weapons.

Gun Buddies

Bruno Dogecoin
Bruno Dogecoin (Gold)
Ep 3 Act 2 Coin
Foxtrot Boat
Memento Mori Hourglass
Root Beer

Gun buddies are always a fun way to express yourself in VALORANT. With the Dogecoin of Bruno and its gold variant more than likely earned in the Epilogue, players will be able to show off. The rest are neat little trinkets to add to the side of your gun that just give it a bit more flair.


Artisan (Beginning)
Artisan (End – Animated Spray)
Does Not Compute
Hold Up
Love / Hate
Nice Try!
No Judge
Not Impressed
Promises Kept
This is Not Fine
To the Moon
Trust in My Healing

Sprays are a way VALORANT players can communicate with teammates and enemies. Or they can use them to troll those enemies after clutching a round. Regardless of how you use them, you will definitely find some good ones in the Episode 3 Act II Battlepass. There is one animated spray with Porcelain. The rest are static sprays. Promises Kept, To the Moon, Trust in My Healing, and Yikes are the ones that come to mind when you think of which sprays will used most.

Player Cards

100% Aimbot
Ascent Schema
Falcon Firearms
Manifest Elegance
Skin Bait
Skin Bait (Gold)
Taking Note
Teknika Firearms
Unstoppable // Reyna
Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix

Player cards are an underrated unlockable in VALORANT. The art is amazing every single time. The new Versus with Phoenix going against himself is great. The others give insight to the game’s lore or are just plain funny. Escalation and Skin Bait will give you a good chuckle the first time you see them.

That does it for the Episode 3 Act II Battlepass! Get your hands on it come September 8, 2021 and stay tuned to Run It Back for all of your VALORANT news needs!