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Essential Omen One-Way Smokes Guide: Icebox

Essential Omen One-Way Smokes Guide: Icebox

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Valorant’s Omen, is categorized as a controller Agent. Due to his Dark Cover (smokes) abilitiy, Omen can control enemy pushes and make their lives harder if they do take a big risk and attempt to push through one of his smokes. However, Omen is also an excellent offensive agent and is used as a Duelist by many. His flash (Paranoia), paired with his teleport (Shrouded Step) make Omen an unpredictable machine on both sides of the battlefield. Given he is in the right hands.

His Dark Cover smokes have one additional use, however. Both Omen and Brimstone are the primary smoke agents in Valorant. What gives Omen a slight advantage when throwing his smokes, is his ability to throw one-way smokes with relative ease. This one-way smokes guide for Omen shows the most essential one-way Dark Covers on defensive side on Valorant’s newest map, Icebox. Of course, there are more one-ways of this sort that could be thrown. The one-way smokes listed below are what we consider to be the most essential ones to have in your arsenal when wielding the shady Omen on Icebox’s defense.

Icebox gives Omen a ton of opportunities for one-ways. With lots of ledges and stacked containers and boxes, Icebox can potentially be a playground for Omen mains.

A Pipes

A simple, yet powerful, one-way that can potentially catch attackers pushing through pipes off guard. Make sure that you position yourself so that you are not visible from the attackers’ window zipline position (A nest). This way, the attackers will not see you at all from pipes, or will have to swing wide and close in to reach you. In this time you can easily retreat using Shrouded Step.

This smoke is abysmally easy to throw. Aim above the right side of the lit up window under the ledge (ideally between the two lines) and make sure that the green arrow is on top of the ledge. Then, simply throw the Dark Cover and position yourself as far to the right as you can before you’re visible from A nest. If you sense a rush from the attackers, you can always retreat to the left to conceal your position and use Shrouded Step to get away quickly. We do recommend getting one frag before doing that nevertheless.

Mid Blue/B Tube

This unlikely one-way smoke gives attackers trying to push mid quite the surprise. The stacked containers scattered on Icebox give Omen some very unlikely possibilities. This is just one example out of many. For this Dark Cover setup, jump down from Mid Boiler and position yourself to the left just enough to see the attackers’ feet when they attempt to cross towards B Tube.

Stand with your back against the back of Boiler after jumping down from it. Aim at the yellow and black tape and push the arrow until the very end. Make sure, however, that it stays on top of the first container. Then, throw the smoke with your crosshair slightly above the green arrow. We don’t recommend using clear view to throw this Dark Cover as we found it to be the more difficult option due to the limited visibility.

B Green (for B Cubby)

This one-way utilizes the stacked containers once more. This time, the play focuses on positioning yourself in the B Cubby area to catch the creeping attackers from B Garage and B Green. You may be traded quickly on this one, that’s why we recommend getting 1, maybe 2 kills, and then using Shrouded Step to retreat. Also, because you’re quite vulnerable in this position, it would be ideal to make it a mixed play with one of your teammates.

For this Omen one-way smoke, we’re going to utilize the bottom grey container at the end. Using clear view, aim in the middle and then push the arrow as far as you can. Make sure to aim above the arrow to make sure it lands on the container. Then throw the Dark Cover. Proceed to positioning yourself in the B Cubby position and watch for attackers’ feet. You should be able to get the kill without any issues.

B Green Left Side (Across)

Attackers trying to cross green will be in for a surprise with this one-way smoke. To hold this smoke, stand on the very right side, or slightly more towards middle. Chances are you can be seen from under green when standing to the very left. Also, make sure that no one pushes you from Cubby-side area by blocking it off, or having a teammate watch it.

We’re going to utilize the double boxes on the left side of green. Simply aim at the right side of the top box in clear view and make sure that the green arrow is on top of it. Aim slightly above it and throw the smoke. You should be able to see the attackers’ feet. This should give you an easy frag. You should most definitely reposition afterwards.

These are our essential Omen one-way smokes on the newest Valorant map Icebox.

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