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Essential Omen One-Way Smokes Guide: Bind

Essential Omen One-Way Smokes Guide: Bind

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Valorant’s Omen, is categorized as a controller Agent. Due to his Dark Cover (smokes) abilitiy, Omen can control enemy pushes and make their lives harder if they do take a big risk and attempt to push through a his smoke. However, Omen is also an excellent offensive agent and is used as a Duelist by many. His flash (Paranoia), paired with his teleport (Shrouded Step) make Omen an unpredictable machine on both sides of the battlefield. Given he is in the right hands.

His Dark Cover smokes have one additional use, however. Both Omen and Brimstone are the primary smoke agents in Valorant. What gives Omen a slight advantage when throwing his smokes, is his ability to throw one-way smokes with relative ease. This one-way smokes guide for Omen shows the most essential Dark Covers on defensive side on Valorant’s Bind. Of course, there are more one-ways of this sort that can be thrown. The one-way smokes below are what we consider to be the basic ones to have in your arsenal when wielding the shady Omen on Bind.


For A-short, this one-way smoke is the perfect counter for a simple A rush, or a teleporter rush. You will have time to kill at least two enemies if positioned correctly to the left as shown in the video (before getting traded). Possibly, even all if the attackers can be sprayed down if they are on an eco.

To throw this one-way, approach the double boxes, aim at the top and very right of the top box, and throw it more or less in the middle. We recommend throwing this one in “shady” mode. You can, however, learn to throw it while in clear view as well.


This fairly basic Dark Cover is simple to execute, and can be very effective if the attackers’ plan is to execute an A split. You can hold this position in two ways. Either by standing in the entry to Showers from the defending side, or sticking yourself to the right side of the wall in showers. From each you will be invisible to the attackers until they swing right.

For this Omen one-way smoke, we recommend using the clear view. Aim at the logs at the top as shown in the video, and throw the Dark Cover once the arrow is not on the logs, but on the ledge of the wall. This will give you maximum view of the enemies before they spot you.


This unlikely one-way smoke for Omen can be quite the surprise factor for peeking enemies. It is not, however, a stay-in-place and spray one-way. Rather, we like to see this one used as a kill one enemy and get out Dark Cover. While you do have the time advantage as Omen when throwing this one-way, it will be a matter of split seconds before you are spotted. Nevertheless, a good strat we recommend is for you to stand more to the right of Hookah and then use Shrouded Step to teleport to the other end and reposition after getting that juicy frag.

To throw this smoke, aim at the middle of the right “ledged” part of the wall leading into Hookah. Your cursor should be more-or-less aiming at the arrow. The smoke should land on the ledge and give you a nice, unsuspecting one-way. This one demands a bit more practice before execution, however.


This is by far our favorite one-way smoke for Omen on Bind. It gives you a fantastic edge over the attackers. You can hold this position with an Operator from deep B-site, mid-range, or very closely positioning yourself in Garden with a Vandal/Phantom. Attackers will need to swing very wide left or crouch and move close back to the teleporter to see you, giving you heaps of time to take them out first.

To throw this one, we’re going to utilize the ledge on the arch leading to B-long on Bind. Approach the left part of the Arch in clear view. This one-way is actually relatively easy to throw as we have segments on the arch. Your cursor should be placed on the third segment (in darker color) while the arrow should be placed on the lighter-colored segment below it. This should almost guarantee you a successfully placed one-way Dark Cover.

These are our essential one-way smokes for Omen on Valorant’s Bind map.

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