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Essential Omen One-Way Smokes Guide: Ascent

Essential Omen One-Way Smokes Guide: Ascent

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Valorant’s Omen, is categorized to be a controller Agent. Due to his Dark Cover (smokes), Omen can control enemy pushes and make their lives harder if they do take a big risk and attempt to push through a Dark Cover smoke. However, Omen is also an excellent offensive agent and is used as a Duelist by many. His flash (Paranoia), paired with his teleport (Shrouded Step) make Omen an unpredictable machine on both sides of the battlefield. Given he is in the right hands.

His Dark Cover smokes have one additional use, however. Both Omen and Brimstone are the primary smoke agents in Valorant. What gives Omen a slight advantage when throwing his smokes, is his ability to throw one-way smokes with ease. This one-way smokes guide for Omen shows the most essential Dark Covers on defensive side on Valorant’s Ascent. Of course, there are more one-ways of this sort that can be thrown. The ones below are what we consider to be the basic ones to have in your arsenal when wielding the shady Omen.

The following Ascent smokes use ledges found across the map. There are a lot of them, thus the possibilities are endless. However, these are our most essential one-way Omen smokes on Ascent.


This is probably the most useful one-way smoke for Omen. It’s pretty easy to setup, and it’s very effective if unaware enemies dare to peak behind it. Ideally, this is a spot to watch from A Rafters. However, you can have a double setup with another player watching the same spot from the top of Generator. Alternatively, this one-way can be held solo from Generator as well.

To throw this one-way, simply get on the Rafters, aim at the bottom ledge close to the electrical unit, and throw the smoke when the arrow is in the middle of the right wall of the arch.


Flying over to the B-Site on Ascent, this is another Main smoke. This one is perfect for a B rush as unsuspecting enemies will have a hard time to trade you right away when you’ll be holding the angle. When standing on the platform which leads to Market, we recommend you stand as far to the right as possible. This will require the enemies to swing wide right to spot you. Also, you can take cover on the stairs and hold the angle from there.

To throw the Dark Cover one-way, stand on the platform. Approach the door frame from the right side and face the right edge of the arch leading to B Main. Throw the smoke on the corner of the ledge and take your position.

Mid Courtyard

If you’re the designated Mid player on Ascent, this one-way smoke may be ideal. This Dark Cover, should be thrown with the assist of another friendly player. If enemy players keep pushing middle on a regular basis, then this is the perfect smoke to counter them.

We like throwing this one from the left wall on Pizza, as you can see the ledge fully from that spot. The right ledge provides a fantastic opportunity for a one-way that serves pushing enemies from the right on a silver platter. However, as mentioned earlier, we recommend you to have some assist when attempting this one. Ideally, player playing from Catwalk should peek out and see whether there are any attackers pushing from B-Link (B Connector). This will guarantee a safe deployment of the smoke.

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