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EMEA Challengers Playoffs — Gambit defeat SMB in the Grand Final

EMEA Challengers Playoffs — Gambit defeat SMB in the Grand Final

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Every single team for Masters Berlin is locked in. There are still matches to be played beforehand, however. The EMEA Challengers Playoffs has ended their Grand Final in grand fashion. This contest would give momentum to the best EMEA team heading to Germany. The entire tournament did not disappoint, Grand Final included. Follow along for a recap of the EMEA Challengers Playoffs Grand Final between SuperMassive Blaze and Gambit Esports.

EMEA Challengers Playoffs Grand Final


SuperMassive Blaze took it to Gambit early on here. Baran “Izzy” Yılmaz and his Marshal were absolutely dominant in the first few rounds. He transitioned that domination to the Operator with a collateral inside of a 3K round. A straightforward plan kept SMB in charge. Gambit knows they don’t have the best attacking sides. Well, SMB proved them right. A 3K on a retake from Batuhan “russ” Malgaç just kept them rolling. Three from Eren “Brave” Kasırga put them to map point after 12 rounds in a row. Miraculously, Gambit picked up their first round after a quick plant from SMB. With plenty of time to finish things, SMB forced a buy, pushed into B Site, and ended the map 13:1 on the back of a huge 3K by Izzy.


Split began with a pistol round victory for Gambit. A big 3K and a Clutch for Mehmet “Turko” Özen prevented a defuse and stopped Gambit from getting their third round of the series. SuperMassive Blaze attacked with no remorse as Turko grabbed another 3K. Gambit finally got their defense going with three solid round victories to tie things up. Another round gave them their first lead of the series. SMB tied it again immediately after and another 3K by Turko put them ahead.

As was the trend for Split, Gambit tied it before halftime. At 6:6 with sides switching, it was anyone’s game. While Gambit picked up the first two rounds after the half, a 3K by russ kept them from moving too far ahead. Gambit picked up the pace after that. Igor “Redgar” Vlasov found three of his own and his team reached double digits. SMB fought back valiantly, however, tying things at 10:10. It didn’t take long for Gambit to turn things back in their favor, though, reaching map point. SMB could not force overtime, giving up the map to Gambit 13:11.


Bind kicked off with Gambit getting the Spike down quickly before eliminating all of SuperMassive Blaze for the pistol round win. A second round was theirs after some incredible patience by Redgar to shut down a retake. Although SMB got a round, Gambit continued to look great in post plant scenarios. There isn’t much else to say about the first half. It was an offensive assault by Gambit that gave them the lead at halftime 9:3. It was not as large of a beatdown as Ascent was, but Gambit took the series lead. While the first few rounds of the second half were traded back and forth, Gambit’s lead was too much. A 13:5 victory was theirs with one more map needed to take the Grand Final.


Haven started with immensely strong defense by Gambit. Huge plays by Bogdan “Sheydos” Naumov and Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin gave Gambit five rounds before SuperMassive Blaze would get their first. Their first, however, was quickly followed by their second. That did not deter Gambit from sticking to their game plan, however. SMB only managed a few rounds in the first half as Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov took down four to extend Gambit’s lead.

SuperMassive Blaze would need to come back from a 9:3 deficit at halftime to force map five. Gambit did everything in their power to ensure that didn’t happen. The first two rounds of the second half went swiftly in their favor, pushing them past the double digit mark. The third round of the half was no different, putting Gambit to map and series point. A Flawless round followed and Gambit won the series 3:1 to become the EMEA Challengers Playoffs Champions.

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