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Egypt’s Anubis Gaming crowned champions of Red Bull Campus Clutch

Egypt’s Anubis Gaming crowned champions of Red Bull Campus Clutch

Gabriel Ionica


Red Bull Campus Clutch, Valorant’s first international collegiate tournament, has crowned Egypt’s Anubis Gaming as its inaugural winner.

A Nearly Flawless Run

Anubis Gaming qualified for the World Final through the Africa & West Asia qualifier. The team defeated South Africa’s Valorunts and UAE’S Team Duelist, the latter of which managed to take one map away from our champions.

The World Finals saw Anubis Gaming seeded into Group B, alongside the teams from East Asia, US, Latin America, Central Europe, and East Europe. The only team that actually defeated the Egyptians was East Asia’s VAC Kimchi, who ended up placing atop Group B. That sent both VAC Kimchi and Anubis Gaming into the Playoffs.

VAC Kimchi met their match when they faced West Europe’s Project S, while Anubis Gaming persevered and took down North America’s BTR.

The Grand Final

Project S immediately stomped on the gas and took both Bind and Icebox away from Anubis Gaming, with Icebox being a flawless 13:0 victory for the Western Europeans. That didn’t seem to discourage Anubis though, who in an incredible turn of events, stomped Project S in the next three consecutive maps. That’s right folks, Anubis Gaming won 3:2 after losing a map 0:13. That just goes to show that there’s always an opportunity for a comeback, regardless of the circumstances.

On top of taking home the title of Red Bull Campus Clutch World Champions, Anubis Gaming also won the €20,000 ($23,611 USD) cash prize and VIP tickets to the VALORANT Champions Tour.

“We should never give up. We are competing as a team,” Ziyad “zizox” ElSawaaf said in an interview with Red Bull. “Even if someone is down, the others will bring him up. It’s not just us five, but we’ve got the support of our managers, our coaches, our sub players, we are here like a family. Our next focus will be First Strike Arabia. We will prepare ourselves very well for this.”

Broadcast talent Loviel “Velly” Cardwell also revealed that Red Bull Campus Clutch would return in 2022, giving collegiate teams a chance at redemption.

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Header image courtesy of Gianfranco Tripodo / Red Bull Content Pool