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Dignitas bench supamen, to trial ryann and rara at Champions Tour Challengers

Dignitas bench supamen, to trial ryann and rara at Champions Tour Challengers

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The Valorant Dignitas roster has yet again gone through changes. The organization has announced that they have decided to bench Phat “supamen” Le from the current roster. In return, the Valorant team will be trialing Noah “rara” Giesbrecht and Ryan “ryann” Welsh over the course of the upcoming Champions Tour Challengers event.

rara and ryann to Awaken Dignitas

Both new Dignitas players have solid experience in the competitive esports FPS genre. rara comes in from T1 Academy as well as the team Rise. Funnily enough his side lost to Dignitas during the Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas tournament at the end of 2020. Meanwhile, ryann has immense experience in CS:GO, having competed under such teams as Swole Patrol, Singularity, and most recently, Triumph. The 19-year-old has been recently brought in on trial to Moon Raccoons, but has left since the team’s situation got complicated after the majority of players left the orgless team.

Both players are young and hungry. Hopefully for Dignitas, this hunger will translate to positive results over the course of the upcoming Champions Tour event.

Dignitas Switch Things Up Ahead of Champions Tour

The Valorant roster had rather poor results over the course of last year. Dignitas, despite having participated in lots of Valorant events in 2020, only made it to the final once at Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas, where they were bested by Gen.G in the final 1:2. Poor results led to quite a few roster changes, including the benching of Kevin “poised” Ngo, as well as Ryan “Shanks” Ngo’s trial period expiring. supamen is the next player to get the axe on the Valorant roster.

Just days ahead of the Challengers stage of Champions Tour, Dignitas has decided to instead bring rara and ryann on board under trial circumstances. The move is rather risky as doing well in Champions Tour should be on any serious Valorant team’s priority list in 2021.

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