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Day 4 of NA Challengers Playoffs — 100 Thieves advances to Grand Final

Day 4 of NA Challengers Playoffs — 100 Thieves advances to Grand Final

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Day 4 of NA Challengers Playoffs is the second to last day of the tournament. Only one series took place. The Lower Final between 100 Thieves and Team Envy was a showcase of two amazing North American VALORANT teams. While both, and Sentinels, have qualified for Masters Berlin, the Challengers Playoffs event still needed to conclude. All of the prior days have brought us to this match up on Day 4 of NA Challengers Playoffs, deciding who takes on the aforementioned Sentinels in the Grand Final.

Lower Final


  • Team Envy 13:5 100 Thieves

The best-of-five began on Haven with Team Envy gaining momentum through the opening pistol rounds. The bonus round went in their favor, keeping their economy strong. A big 4K by Pujan “FNS” Mehta prevented the first round for 100 Thieves. On the sixth round of Haven, 100T got on the board with some solid defense. Envy maintained their aggression on attack, though, taking things to halftime 10:2.

The second half saw Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk take down three in the pistol round as 100T staved off a retake attempt by NV. 100 Thieves grabbed the following round, as well, but Team Envy quickly eliminated their opponents for an 11th round victory. A back and forth continued with Envy still holding onto a massive lead. It was not long before they reached map point. A dominant showing by Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker and company gave Team Envy map one.


  • 100 Thieves 13:10 Team Envy

100 Thieves took to the attacker side on Breeze. Team Envy looked to keep them down and out until Spencer “Hiko” Martin laid out the Viper’s Pit to help 100T win the third round of the game. A sick Blade Storm play by yay put Team Envy back in the lead after 100T tied it. Breeze proved to be a match more comfortable location for the Thieves as the rounds stayed even at the start. Halftime approached with a 6:6 score line.

Team Envy and 100 Thieves wasted no time in rushing head on at each other to kick off the second half. A quick pistol round put 100T ahead with Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella killing three. They kept up the pressure for a few rounds before Team Envy started to fight back. The defense of 100T was held as strong as it could, keeping them ahead 11:9. They took Breeze to map point, ready to tie the series. Asuna finally came to life, shutting down any comeback attempt by Team Envy, and giving 100T the 13:10 win.


  • 100 Thieves 13:10 Team Envy

The third map of the series, Ascent, opened with Envy on attack and 100T on defense. Ethan “Ethan” Arnold started off hot with a 3K to give 100 Thieves the early lead. When full buys came into play, Team Envy had no problem getting a round. An Ace from Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen kept it tied as he pushed 100T’s spawn with no remorse. That didn’t stop the Thieves, though. They pushed ahead with a small lead once more. A massive 2v3 clutch from FNS and Austin “crashies” Roberts prevented a larger lead for 100T at halftime.

The Team Envy momentum failed to progress into the second half. 100 Thieves took the first two rounds with ease. After that, a hectic round at A Site did give Team Envy a their sixth round, but 100T retaliated immediately. Their attack plan was tough for Envy to adjust to. 100 Thieves easily made it to match point, with Envy on their heels. Big plays by yay, crashies, and Victor “Victor” Wong kept them in the fight for a bit longer, but the 100T lead was too large. 100T finished it to take the series lead.


  • Team Envy 13:8 100 Thieves

Team Envy had to fight for their lives on Icebox. Opening it up on defense, a great read by FNS netted them round one. Like the maps prior, though, the rounds began to even out as 100 Thieves got comfortable in the server. Back and forth the teams traded rounds until Team Envy finally pulled ahead before halftime. FNS and a nice 3K ensured there would be no tie at the half.

Team Envy kicked off their attacking side with a stellar pistol round. They followed that up with another great round to push into double digits. 100 Thieves held down the fort in the next round to stop the bleeding for only a moment. Team Envy were hell bent on forcing the fifth and final map of the series. A 4K from Ethan delayed that, but Team Envy’s lead remained and map five became inevitable.


  • 100 Thieves 13:5 Team Envy

Neither team are too well-versed on Split, but that is where the series would end. Earlier in the tournament, 100 Thieves were decimated by Sentinels on this map. An aggressive first two rounds, including a 3K by Joshua “steel” Nissan, showed a vast improvement from their prior appearance on Split. A 4K from nitr0 continued the solid defensive side from 100T. Seven rounds in a row went to 100T until a 4K from FNS got NV on the board. A 9:3 lead in favor of 100 Thieves is where the second half would begin.

The pistol round saw a 2v5 for Team Envy fall just short of time to defuse the Spike and make it count. It may have given them the momentum to pull back into this one, but 100 Thieves took advantage of the additional round to keep pushing toward the finish line. Map point and series point was theirs in no time at all. A near clutch by nitr0 could have been the nail in the coffin, but NV was fighting back. The 100T lead was just too much. A 13:5 map ended Day 4 of NA Challengers Playoffs with a planted Spike inside of a Viper’s Pit. 100 Thieves will face Sentinels in the Grand Final.

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