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Community Spotlight – 5 Funny Valorant Animators

Community Spotlight – 5 Funny Valorant Animators

Phillip Miner


Valorant is a relative newcomer to the esports block. Still, that hasn’t stopped content creators from creating their own takes on the game. From meme videos to montages and beyond, animators have expressed their emotions towards Valorant in a variety of ways.

Among the top tier of Valorant content creators, though, are the animators. Animation takes a lot of hard work, regardless of what it’s about. Valorant has been out just long enough to have some quality animated content for it. We’re highlighting our five favorite Valorant animators, in no particular order.


This YouTube animator straight out of Brazil, has plenty of experience animating other games. Now he’s bringing his style to Valorant. Having animated games from Apex Legends to Death Stranding and beyond, he knows how to make a quality comedic animation. This clearly shows in his “Valoranta: Iron Hearts” series (of which there are currently two episodes). His art style definitely takes after the “chibi” style of Japanese animation. Regardless, don’t dismiss it right away if you’re not a fan of anime. The animation is still buttery smooth and full of life.


Keybee is relatively new to the animation scene, having arrived only a little over three months ago. However, this animator has still made a splash. The art style is simple, but it brings much needed comedy to common Valorant player mistakes. With other little details that make excellent comedic touches such as Jett Naruto-running, it’s clear this animator knows how to tickle the funny bones of Valorant fans.

Teemo vs. All

This animator primarily does League of Legends animations, and they’re quite often of the sexy and lewd variety. They bring just enough fan service to keep League fans entranced, these animations hold just enough of the T&A back to avoid getting demonetized by YouTube. This animator gets a spot on our list because of a hilarious Valorant parody. It features Sova spying on bathing female Valorant agents with his drone, and for his perversion… let’s just say he gets what he deserves.


Another veteran animator known from other titles. This animator has so far done one animation of Valorant. However, the animation is a spot-on parody of Valorant’s launch and reception. Not to mention the animator slowly going insane while coming up against Raze. While it’s uncertain if we will see any more Valorant parodies from this creator, you can watch the hilarious one down below.


This particular animator uses Source Filmmaker as the vehicle of choice for animated parodies. As Pixar has taught us, not all animation has to be hand drawn to have life and comedy to it. Using SFM also allows models from multiple games to be put in one animation, which can be used to great comedic effect. The following video from this animator we’re highlighting, attempts to resolve the age old debate of Valorant vs. CSGO.

Do you know of any other animators and content creators we’ve missed in the Valorant scene? Let us know in our Discord! And be sure to stay tuned to Run it Back for more news, guides, and all of your Valorant needs.

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