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Cloud9 White doesn’t drop a map on their way to winning Game Changers

Cloud9 White doesn’t drop a map on their way to winning Game Changers

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


The Valorant Champions Tour is showing no signs of slowing down. Challengers and Masters events all across the globe have taken place, giving Valorant fans a solid preview of what is to come during the remainder of 2021. The very first Valorant Champions Tour: Game Changers event has also come to an end. Game Changers is Riot’s initiative to shine the spotlight on women and marginalized genders in esports.

These players proved they are absolute beasts throughout the Game Changers tournament. With teams such as Man I Love Fwogs, Dignitas, TSM, OWA OWA, Watch This, and Moon Raccoons Black falling, Cloud9 White and CLG Red battled in the Grand Final. C9 White started with a singular map advantage due to entering the Grand Final from the Upper Bracket.

Check out the bracket below and the results of the first VCT Game Changers Grand Final. Be sure to check out the pre-tournament press conferences from each team on Run It Back’s YouTube Channel!

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Cloud9 White doesn’t drop a map on their way to winning Game Changers

Cloud9 White 3:0 CLG Red


Starting off on Icebox, CLG Red wasted zero time in planting the Spike on A. Incredibly, meL stuck the defuse with four CLG Red players alive. That put Cloud9 White ahead early. bENITA proved that CLG Red were ready to take the fight to C9 White with a 4K. After the first two rounds went to C9W, CLG took the next three. C9 stopped any sort of CLG runaway as Kat on the Viper helped her team defend. That would kick C9 White into gear. Four in a row would be theirs for the taking. CLG Red stayed in it with a streak-breaking victory. A close round ending battle between Annie and rise went in favor of CLG to bring it even closer. A 3K by meL cemented a lead going into halftime for C9W, 7:5.

The second half saw Cloud9 White keep up the pace that CLG Red set with a very fast plant. In a wild pistol round, Chobo managed to stick the defuse and finish off C9W. Another quick round saw it become 2v1 in CLG Red’s favor with bENITA taking out Keiti to tie the map. bENITA continued massacring C9 with a 3K, giving her team the lead. C9 White did not take long to tie it back up. A huge round for Annie and meL put C9 back in front. A 3K by Keiti was not enough to prevent a 3K from Chobo and a 10:10 round count. A 3K round with a near clutch by meL was denied as Icebox reached the final round of regulation. A wild final round saw Annie stop any chance for a defuse and give it to Cloud9 White 13:11.


In a potential game ending map, Haven started with more of the same. Cloud9 White was able to get the Spike down quickly, but CLG Red put down a Dark Cover and stuck the defuse. After CLG Red took a second round, Cloud9 White grabbed their first, but not without some solid exit frags by Chobo. As Naomi lit up her opponents, Kat was able to shut her down and tie the map. A 3K by Jazzyk1ns pushed them ahead. Cloud9 White continued to punish CLG after that, attacking relentlessly. Keiti joined the party with a 4K, keeping up the domination by C9W. Another 4K for C9W went to meL, pushing the round count to 8:2. The first half ended with Annie and yet another 4K, pushing C9W to a huge 10:2 lead.

CLG began their attacking side with a speedy plant on B. Jazzyk1ns almost pulled off a wild 4K clutch, but she failed to make it past a 3K as the Spike detonated. The momentum from that second half pistol round was immediately squashed, even with a rise 3K. CLG Red had to force buy as Cloud9 White inched closer to victory. The next round was nothing new. Cloud9 White took Haven to match and series point. CLG Red managed to get the Spike down C. A 3K from Annie seemed to close it out as the defuse begin. Incredibly, rise clutched and took a 3K of her own to keep CLG Red in the game. Cloud9 White mowed through CLG Red in the next round, securing the victory at 13:4.

Congratulations to Cloud 9 White on becoming VCT Game Changers Champions!

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