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Cloud9 Blue sign xeta alongside a new coach and GM

Cloud9 Blue sign xeta alongside a new coach and GM

Alex "Fr0m" Cunard


Cloud9 Blue has finally rounded out their roster with the addition of Son “xeta” Seon-ho. Returning to Cloud9 beside him is Yoon “Autumn” Eu-teum, the new head coach for the Cloud9 Blue roster. Accompanying them both and acting as the new Cloud9 Valorant manager is Seunghwan “Robin” Lee.

The History of xeta and Autumn

xeta came from the same place as many professional Valorant players, having been a professional CS:GO player for TYLOO and MVP PK. He originally joined the Cloud9 Korea roster back in October of 2020 where he competed in First Strike Korea and brought his team to a third place finish. The roster performed well across multiple tournaments as well, having placed within the top four teams nearly every time. He was later forced to leave the roster in December of 2020 when the team was disbanded. Most recently, xeta trialed with Cloud9 Blue during the NSG Winter Championship where he played from South Korea and still managed to put on an amazing performance.

Autumn was also an important member of the Cloud9 Korea roster, having been their coach. Unlike xeta, Autumn came from a coaching background in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (pubg), where he coached for a team known as OGN Entus Ace. With both Autumn and xeta moving to this Cloud9 Blue roster, there is definitely some chemistry between the two and probably some strategies that will end up being carried over to this new roster.

New Cloud9 Blue GM

With the most recent Cloud9 Valorant announcement comes a slightly smaller but still very important addition to the C9 Blue staff. Robin will now be managing the Cloud9 Blue Valorant roster. He is a familiar face for C9, already managing four other rosters for the organization including C9 Rainbow Six.

With these roster and staff additions, the new C9 is looking like a force to be reckoned with. The Valorant Champion’s Tour will most likely be this roster’s first official tournament together. Regardless of who the team ends up playing, we should be in for quite the show.

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