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CGA Pacific Open – ahq e-Sports Club Claim Victory

CGA Pacific Open – ahq e-Sports Club Claim Victory

Richard Brown


The best-of-five grand final of the CGA Pacific Open has concluded as ahq e-Sports Club managed to defeat Attack All Around with a gripping 3:2 result.

This tourney was part of the Riot Ignition Series events and featured an impressive prize pool of $20,000. The group stage took place from the 17-19th of August and the playoffs took place from the 21-23rd of the same month.

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The playoffs featured a single-elimination bracket, with all of the matches, except the grand final, being in a best-of-three format.

On their run to the grand final, Attack All Around were able to beat Thailand Attitude and Team SMG 2:0 and 2:1 respectively.

Throughout the event, ahq e-Sports Club were showing dominant form and didn’t drop a single map on their run through to the grand final. They beat both fiVes and Only One Word 2:0.

CGA Pacific Open Playoff bracket
Image via Liquipedia

CGA Pacific Open – Grand Final

The grand final of the CGA Pacific Open shaped up to be a nail-biting affair, with all five maps being played in order to determine the winner. After losing the first map, Attack All Around went on to win two maps in a row, putting them ahead in the series. However, ahq e-Sports Club was able to bounce back and win the next two maps. Interestingly enough, ahq were able to win Haven the second time around and in doing so, won the event.

Full map scores below:

  • Bind – ahq 13:7 AAA
  • Ascent – ahq 6:13 AAA
  • Haven – ahq 8:13 AAA
  • Split – ahq 13:8 AAA
  • Haven – ahq 13:8 AAA

The Taiwanese ahq e-Sports Club roster consists of the following five players:

The Attack All Around roster consists of the following five players from Thailand:

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