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Carpe Noctem upsets 100 Thieves in VCT Challengers

Carpe Noctem upsets 100 Thieves in VCT Challengers

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


The North American Valorant First Strike Champions have been booted from the Valorant Champions Tour Challengers 1 Qualifier. 100 Thieves has gone down 2:0 to Carpe Noctem. This can only be described as the upset of all upsets within Valorant. A relatively unknown team has just beaten the winners of North America’s biggest Valorant event to date.

Carpe Noctem upsets 100 Thieves in VCT Challengers

Remember the name Carpe Noctem. For they have swept the series against 100 Thieves.

The roster consists of:

  • Justin “JUST_IN” Ung
  • Justin “JP2” Pate
  • Paul “pauLy” Guerboyan
  • Kosei “GetGreedy” Champollion
  • Thienan “Teddy” Tran

The maps were all extremely close, but CN stepped up when it counted and closed things out. Both Bind and Haven ended 13:11.

On Bind, Spencer “Hiko” Martin dominated in the kills department. That wasn’t enough to propel 100T to a map victory. Carpe Noctem finished the first half with the lead as the attackers. Both teams won 6 rounds in the second half, but the slight lead was enough to make CN’s 6 end the map.

Haven saw Teddy of Carpe Noctem up the ante with a 32 kill outing. The first half ended completely even at 6:6. Again, CN showed their skills as the attacking team. That would finish the incredible upset and send 100 Thieves back to the waiting room as the other Challengers events approach.

Jonathan “Silenx” Huntington was a substitute player for 100T. Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella stepped down for this event as he spends time with his family that just welcomed a newborn baby.

Is this an indication of how important nitr0 is to the 100 Thieves roster? Or is this simply a lack of style-meshing between the cemented 100T players and stand-in Silenx?

Stay tuned to Run It Back for the Playoff stage preview once the eight teams are decided. If Carpe Noctem can win one more series, they will be there!