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Brimstone Smoke Guide: Split

Brimstone Smoke Guide: Split

Richard Brown


If you are new to Valorant, or haven’t had a chance to play Brimstone yet, this smoke guide for the map Split is the perfect place to help you get started. This guide will outline three smoke setups that can be used on the attacking side, and two smoke setups that can be used to defend certain areas on the map, Split. The guide will also provide some additional information on how these smokes should be used.

Brimstone’s Sky Smoke ability allows him to deploy 1-3 smokes onto the map each round, within a certain area of where he is currently standing. These smokes, when used in coordination with the rest of the team, can be very useful on both defense and attack. They are also one of the longest-lasting ‘smoke-type’ abilities in the game, with a duration of 14 seconds. Every round Brimstone will have one smoke available, with the option to purchase two additional smokes for 100 credits each.

Brimstone’s other abilities include:

  • Incendiary – An area of effect, damage over time ability. Used to clear out positions or prevent rushes (very similar to the Molotov in CSGO).
  • Stim Beacon – This ability allows you to deploy a stim beacon onto the ground, providing a radius that grants players “RapidFire”.
  • Orbital Strike (Ultimate) – Brimstone’s ultimate ability allows him to launch an orbital strike laser, which will kill any enemies caught in the radius when it lands.


As the name suggests, Split is a map on which the attacking side will often attempt to attack bomb-sites from more than one area. The B-site is a fairly typical bombsite in Valorant, with one small choke-point leading into it. However, this site can be accessed through Middle and attacking teams will often try to split the B-site through Heaven and B-Main.

The A-site has two areas that need to be defended, as the attacking team can push up the A-Ramp, as well as A-Main and hit the A-site from two or more areas. The defending sides need to prioritize defending the A-Ramp position with abilities, as letting enemies get through into Heaven makes it very difficult to retake the A-site.

Middle is a key area on the map Split and teams will fight for control over this area for most of the match. The attacking side will often be trying to take control of Middle in order to split towards the A or B sites, or even just showing a presence there. This makes direct hits on either site more viable, as the defending side will be spread thin.

The special feature or mechanic of the map Split, are the ropes. These ropes behave very similarly to the way ladders work in CSGO. You can move up them silently if you hold shift, but trying to get up them fast will make a loud noise. However, unlike CSGO, your weapon’s accuracy remains pretty solid when shot while on a rope. Additionally, there is also a special interaction with Jett’s ultimate ability, as she is not able to throw her knives while on the ropes.

Image via Blitz.gg

Brimstone Split Smoke Guide: ATTACK


These three smokes can be used very effectively to gain access to the A-site. You need to be quite far forward to be able to put down the smoke for Elbow/Screens, so make sure a teammate is holding the angle in front of you. These smokes will allow your team to be able to move into the site and have far fewer spots to worry about as they move in.

One of the last players coming through should post the A-Heaven smoke, as enemy players will often try to push through this smoke as your team enters the site. This execute should be used when ultimate abilities are available, as this will aid the team in securing the post-plant.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Split - A-Execute
Image via Riot Games


While I have shown three smokes below, it’s definitely possible to run this execute with only two of the smokes. With only two smokes available, I would recommend smoking B-Heaven, as well as B-Alley and leaving the close-right smoke out. Using one of your smokes to take control of Middle is often a better start to the round. This will allow you to bait out abilities towards B at the start of the round, as well as ensuring that their defense is spread thin.

It is also a good idea to use your incendiary ability towards the back of the B-site as you are entering. Having one less position to worry about as you move into the site is very useful.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Split - B-Execute
Image via Riot Games


Using your first smoke to smoke either Mid-Vent or Mid-Mail will allow your team to take control of Middle. Once your team is in position, you can then use your next two smokes to block off the back of B-Heaven, as well as B-Alley. This will allow your team to split towards the B-site, with players coming through B-heaven, as well as players coming through B-Main. This can be very difficult for the defenders to hold, as you will be attacking from multiple positions at once.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Split - B-Split
Image via Riot Games



Middle is an important area of the map, as the attacking team will often be trying to take control of this area in order to split towards the bomb-sites. Being able to delay their control of this area, is often the difference between winning or losing a match.

Smoking both sides of Bottom-Mid and then using your incendiary in front of the left smoke, allows you to just focus on players coming through the right-side smoke. This can be combined with a flash into Middle from Reyna/Breach/Phoenix to guarantee your team control of Middle at the start of the round. You are then able to take advanced positions and use your next smoke to re-smoke one side of Bottom-Mid, while you watch the other side.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Split - Mid Control
Image via Riot Games

A-Ramp Smoke

This smoke for A-Ramp can be useful to catch out enemy players once or twice in a match. They will see the smoke on the ramp as they move around the corner, but often do not expect a player to be peeking over it from the top of the ramp. It’s an easy way to try and get an opening kill, as well as getting information early on in the round, before falling back onto the site.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Split - A-Ramp smoke
Image via Riot Games

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