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Brimstone Smoke Guide: Ascent

Brimstone Smoke Guide: Ascent

Richard Brown


If you are new to Valorant, or haven’t had a chance to play Brimstone yet, this Ascent Smoke Guide is the perfect place to help you get started. This guide will outline three smoke setups that can be used on the attacking side, and three smoke setups for the defensive side for the newest Valorant map, Ascent. The guide will also provide some additional information on how these smokes should be used.

Brimstone’s Sky Smoke ability allows him to deploy 1-3 smokes onto the map each round, within a certain area of where he is currently standing. These smokes, when used in coordination with the rest of the team, can be very useful on both, defense and attack. They are also one of the longest-lasting ‘smoke-type’ abilities in the game, with a duration of 14 seconds. Every round Brimstone will have one smoke available, with the option to purchase two additional smokes for 100 credits each.

Brimstone’s other abilities include:

  • Incendiary – An area of effect, damage over time ability. Used to clear out positions or prevent rushes (very similar to the Molotov in CSGO).
  • Stim Beacon – This ability allows you to deploy a stim beacon onto the ground, providing a radius that grants players “RapidFire”.
  • Orbital Strike (Ultimate) – Brimstone’s ultimate ability allows him to launch an orbital strike laser, which will kill any enemies caught in the radius when it lands.


This map features a standard layout and consists of two bomb-sites, each with a fairly small choke-point as the only direct route of attack. The attacking side has the option of doing explosive executes onto each of these sites, which can be done effectively with the right ability usage.

However, the emphasis for this map revolves around taking control of the Mid Courtyard area. Having control of this area really opens up the map for the attacking side and, as a result, makes the defending side have a lot more areas to cover, spreading their defenses thin. The key to success on this map is by being able to split towards the A or B sites, in combination with players pushing either A-Main or B-Main at the same time.

Having control of the Mid Courtyard area will also make direct attacks onto each of the bomb-sites that much easier, as you might only be facing one opponent.

Each map in Valorant so far has some unique feature, for Ascent this takes the form of two metal doors that can each be closed via two switches. One of these doors can be found at the entrance to the A-link from the A-site and the other is found at the entrance to the Mid-Market from the B-site. For the attacking side, it is often useful to close these doors once you have taken either of these bomb-sites.

Ascent Map overview and callouts
Image via Blitz.gg

Brimstone Ascent Smoke Guide: ATTACK


If your team is able to take control of the Mid-Courtyard area, a strong option will always be to split towards the B-site. In order to take control of middle, you can use your first smoke to smoke off the entrance of the Mid-Bottom area and use your incendiary towards Mid Cubby. This will allow your team to move out into the Mid-Courtyard and take control.

Once the first smoke fades, you can then use your second and third smokes as shown below. This will allow your team an effective route through the Market area and onto the B-site. This should be used in coordination with players pushing from the B-main area.

Image via Riot Games


These three smokes can be used for an effective B-Execute onto this site, as they will block off the vision of many position that defenders might be playing in. This will provide your team enough time to make it through the small choke-point at the entrance of B-main.

It’s not necessary to call down all three smokes, which allows players the option to use one of the smokes to take Mid-Courtyard earlier on in the round. This can serve two purposes; the first being to make the defending team have to worry about a split coming through the Mid-Courtyard, and the second being to bait out some of the defending team’s abilities (especially at the entrance of B-main).

Brimstone Smoke Guide Ascent B-Exec
Image via Riot Games


Just like in the previous execute, many of the same principles apply in this execute onto the A bombsite.. Three smokes can be used if they are available, which will allow you to completely block off the A-Rafters area, however, the second smoke might have better uses.

Taking control of the Mid-Courtyard or even faking as if you are taking control, will more than likely yield better results. Simply having a player post the right side of the first A-Rafters smoke, should be an easy kill if an enemy player decides to swing out. The A-Link smoke will always be required, and having a player close the door as soon as possible, will always be a good idea.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Ascent A-Exec
Image via Riot Games

Brimstone Ascent Smoke Guide: DEFENSE

B-main Smoke

This smoke requires two steps in order to be successful. Firstly, it’s crucial to take control of the B-Main area and lay down a deep smoke right at the attacking side’s entrance. Having the help of a teammate is also advised, however, you might be to pull it off alone if you use your incendiary on the corner as soon as the round begins.

Once you are in position in B-main and your first smoke is about to fade, you can use your second smoke as shown below. If you stand on the box, this smoke allows you to peek over your own smoke and get an easy kill on an attacking player holding this area.

You probably won’t be able to use this more than once a game, but it could give your team an advantage on a key round. You can also crouch inside the smoke when it’s time to use your third smoke, if you haven’t been seen yet.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Ascent - B-main smoke
Image via Riot Games


These smokes can be used to delay the attacking side’s attempt at taking control of the Mid-Courtyard. Once these smokes have been deployed, they will allow your team to take advanced positions in this area, making it more difficult for the enemy team to clear out later in the round. Alternatively these smokes can be used and you can play back in your normal positions, providing more things for the attacking team to have to think about.

You may also opt to just use one of these smokes and have two players peak together towards the non-smoked area of the Mid-Courtyard. This will allow you to keep one of these areas smoked for a longer duration, delaying the attacking side control of the Mid-Courtyard.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Ascent - Mid Control
Image via Riot Games

A Smokes

These smokes are fairly standard, as they are perfectly suited to block off these small choke-points. Using your first smoke to block off the attacking side of A-Main is often a good idea, as the attacking team might feel the need to use an ability to clear out the A-Wine position. This will provide you with information, allowing you to use your second smoke at the entrance to the A-site.

Once you have done this a few times and your opponents become familiar with the routine, you can then decide to play in the A-Wine position and try to catch them off guard.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Ascent A-Defense
Image via Riot Games

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