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Brimstone Incendiary Guide: 3 Lineups for Split

Brimstone Incendiary Guide: 3 Lineups for Split

Richard Brown


This guide shows three different examples of how Brimstone is able to use his Incendiary ability to great effect on the Valorant map, Split. The first of these will be using this ability to clear out a position as you breach A-site. The second lineup shows you how you can utilize this ability to take map control. Lastly, the third Incendiary lineup demonstrates how you can delay the enemy team’s spike plant, giving your team more time for the retake.

Brimstone’s Incendiary ability is an area of effect, damage over time ability, that lasts for approximately 8 seconds. Unlike Phoenix’s ‘Hot Hands’ ability, Brimstone is able to bounce his incendiary off of walls and objects, allowing it to be used in creative ways.

Brimstone Incendiary Guide: Split

A-sign: This incendiary lineup can be used in combination with a smoke execute onto the A-site. It will clear out any enemies playing behind the sign as your teammates close in on the site. This lineup could also be used in a post-plant situation, preventing the enemy team from defusing the spike.

Brimstone Incendiary Guide Split - A-sign
Image via Riot Games
A-sign view
Image via Riot Games

Rope-room: This incendiary lineup can help you take map control of middle. Combined with a smoke for mail-room, this incendiary will allow you to take control of the top of middle. From there you can use a flash and push into rope-room as the incendiary fades. If an enemy player was playing from this position, he will have been isolated to the left-hand side. This also gives you an opportunity for an easy kill.

Brimstone Incendiary Guide Split - Rope-room
Image via Riot Games
Rope-room View
Image via Riot Games

B-default: This lineup from the defense spawn side can be quite tricky to master, but if done correctly, will allow you to consistently prevent the spike from being planted at the default position. This will give your team more time to get in position for the retake.

Brimstone Incendiary Guide Split - B-default
Image via Riot Games
B-default View
Image via Riot Games

These Brimstone Incendiary lineups on Split can be used very effectively in these different scenarios. We recommend that you go into a private match and practice them once or twice before trying to use them in a ranked game.

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