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Brimstone Incendiary Guide: 3 Lineups for Ascent

Brimstone Incendiary Guide: 3 Lineups for Ascent

Richard Brown


There are different ways that Brimstone is able to use his Incendiary ability. This guide shows three examples of how it can be used on the Valorant map, Ascent. The first of these will be using this ability to clear out a position as you breach A-site. The second lineup shows you how you can utilize this ability to clear out a common position in a retake scenario. Lastly, the third Incendiary lineup demonstrates how you can win a post-plant situation from a safe distance.

Brimstone’s Incendiary ability is an area of effect, damage over time ability, that lasts for approximately 8 seconds. Unlike Phoenix’s ‘Hot Hands’ ability, Brimstone is able to bounce his incendiary off of walls and objects, allowing it to be used in creative ways.

Brimstone Incendiary Lineups: Ascent

A-Generator: If your team is about to breach the A-Site, this incendiary can be used very effectively to clear out the Generator position. This will allow your team to focus on Heaven and the right-hand side of the bombsite. The lineup is also in a convenient location, as you typically find yourself near this position when using your smokes on the A-Site.

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B-Default: This is a very simple lineup that can be used very quickly in a B-Retake scenario. This lineup allows you to quickly throw down an incendiary that will clear out the B-Default box, allowing for a smoother retake of the site. You are also hidden from B-Main while you’ve got your incendiary out, in case an enemy player is lurking from that position.

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A-Default: If you find yourself in a post-plant situation where your team-mates have managed to plant the spike on A, and you are around A-Short or Middle, this lineup can be used to deny the enemy from being able to defuse. The spike will need to have been planted in front of the A-Default box in order for this to work.

This can also be coupled with your ultimate ability, increasing the duration that you will be able to deny the enemy team from defusing. If timed correctly, this lineup could instantly win you the round, without having to take any risks.

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These Brimstone Incendiary lineups on Ascent can be used very effectively, however, the margins for error on some of these lineups are quite small. It is definitely recommended that you go into a private match and practice them before trying to use them in a ranked game.

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