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Brimstone Incendiary Guide: 3 Lineups for Bind

Brimstone Incendiary Guide: 3 Lineups for Bind

Richard Brown


There are different ways that Brimstone is able to use his incendiary ability and this guide demonstrates three of these for the Valorant map, Bind. The first of these will be using this ability to clear out a position as you breach a site. The second shows you how can you use this ability to win a post-plant situation. Additionally, the last example shows you how you can safely deny a bomb-plant as you rotate in from another bombsite.

Brimstone’s incendiary ability is an area of effect, damage over time ability, that lasts for approximately 8 seconds. Unlike Phoenix’s ‘Hot Hands’ ability, Brimstone is able to bounce his incendiary off of walls and objects, allowing it to be used in creative ways.

Brimstone Incendiary Lineups: Bind

A-Cubby: This lineup can be used to clear out the A-Cubby position as your teammates move up A-Short. By being able to use the ability from a similar position that you would be setting up your smokes from, the risk of you dying while trying to use your abilities will be minimized. The A-Cubby position can be very strong for the defending side, especially if your team is attempting to breach the site through an enemy smoke or wall.

Brimstone Incendiary Bind - A-Cubby
Image via Riot Games

A-Default: This incendiary lineup can be used to secure a post-plant situation. If the spike has been planted on A-Default and you find yourself anywhere near A-Showers, this lineup can be used to easily secure the round without having to face the opposition. Your team will need to have delayed them for long enough in order for this work though. You can also combine this incendiary with your ultimate ability, which will prevent them from being able to defuse the Spike for a considerable amount of time.


Brimstone Incendiary Bind - A-Default
Image via Riot Games

B-Site: This incendiary lineup can be used if you are rotating in towards the B-site on defense. This will temporarily prevent the attackers from planting the Spike on the outside of the container. This will either buy your team time to get in position for the retake, or it will force the attackers to plant the Spike in a less ideal position. Either situation will be beneficial for your team. This lineup will take a bit of practice to get right.

Brimstone incendiary Bind - B-Site
Image via Riot Games

These Brimstone Incendiary lineups on Bind can be used very effectively, however, the margins for error on some of these lineups are quite small. It is definitely recommended that you go into a custom server and practice them before trying to use them in a ranked game.

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