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Bleed eSports sign LEGIJA as coach

Bleed eSports sign LEGIJA as coach



Featured image credit: HLTV

Bleed eSports have announced the signing of former CSGO veteran Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninić as coach. The signing of LEGIJA also makes him the third European acquisition for the organization as it pushes to be the best in its region.

Bleed eSports entered the VALORANT scene in September, 2021 after the acquisition of UwU. Since then, the Singaporean organization has embarked on a spending spree, importing a lot of talent from Europe. The organization had previously announced the signing of Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi and Max “maxie” Lönnström. However, it was later announced that none of the two would be competing in the upcoming VCT Challengers: Play-offs due to travel restrictions imposed by the Singaporean government.

Bleed eSports sign LEGIJA as coach

With the addition LEGIJA, the organization have signed a coach with vast experience in competitive FPS titles. LEGIJA is known from his time in CSGO, having played for a number of big name organizations including BIG, Envy, MOUZ and NRG. His last stint in CSGO was for the German organization BIG in 2021 as an assistant coach.

It is still unclear whether LEGIJA will be traveling to Singapore to physically coach the team or he would be doing so remotely. This is due to the travel restrictions imposed by the Singaporean government to control the spread of COVID-19 as mentioned earlier. In another tweet, Bleed eSports also confirmed that Aaron “Eno” Cheah will be stepping down to the position of assistant coach in order to make way for LEGIJA.

Due to the unavailability of pyth and maxie for the upcoming VALORANT events, the organization added Henri “Flaring” Forichon to the roster just last week. Bleed eSports are yet to play an official match in 2022 and now with a total of eight players on the roster, it remains to seen who the final starting five would be.

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