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Best Twitter accounts to follow for VALORANT content

Best Twitter accounts to follow for VALORANT content

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


With VALORANT growing as an esport, Twitter is filled with accounts that serve a different purpose around the game. Some are accounts of casters, others give you detailed statistics, while some may simply exist for the sole purpose of comedy. Whatever it may be, we’ve decided to make a pretty hefty list of what we think are top Twitter accounts to follow if you’re interested in Riot Games’ precious competitive shooter.

We’ve seperated the accounts into multiple categories. While these may be a good starting point, do note that there are plenty out there that could have easily made this list. Additionally, all listed accounts create content in English, or at least English primarily.

Official VALORANT accounts

To start off, it’s definitely a good idea to follow a couple official VALORANT accounts. There are plenty of them out there as competitive VALORANT encompasses VALORANT Champions Tour, Game Changers, as well as VALORANT Regional Leagues. Here are a few to get you started.

  • @PlayVALORANT – The main VALORANT account to follow.
  • @ValorantEsports – The starting place for VALORANT Champions Tour competitions.
  • @valleague_emea – To follow the VALORANT Regional Leagues, this is the place to start.
  • @valesports_na – All VCT and Game Changers news and updates in North America.
  • @valesports_emea – All VCT and Game Changers news and updates in EMEA.


Commentators & analysts

Narrating matches has become an art not many are able to pull off easily. The unsung heroes of making watching official VALORANT matches more enjoyable.

  • @pansy and @hypoc – An experienced and respected commentator duo. Also, expect to see timeouts during matches when they’re commentating a match.
  • @MitchMan & @Tombizz – Likely to be the most hilarious commentator duo in VALORANT. If you follow one, do yourself a favor and follow the other. You’ll be in for a world of laughs.
  • @Zescht – A chatty and articulate commentator that never loses hope in BIG making waves in VALORANT.
  • @Upmind_ – Rocking an afro like no other, a fun and witty commentator that just loves to talk.
  • @sullycasts – Does his best to make frequenting to school and casting work in harmony.
  • @aEvilcat – Apart from having a talent for casting, mimi has a gift for posting unexpected and often confusing takes and Tweets.
  • @EsportsDoug – A solid caster that just needs to bring the stache back already.


Typically seen on camera during half-times and after matches, the desk talent are the ones that provide some additional information about the ongoing matchup. Without them, the broadcasts would certainly not be as entertaining.

  • @YinsuCollins – VALORANT’s premiere host at the biggest LAN events. Additionally, Fnatic’s Jake “Boaster” Howlett’s partner, making Twitter content that much more hilarious and adorable.
  • @Ballatw – A solid analyst that also happens to be a dad. Appears regularly on Platchat.
  • @kaquka – A charming, professional persona and apparently an expert at fixing things that cause timeouts (if you know, you know). Also a content creator for Team Heretics.
  • @JessGOAT – A talent from down under. Extremely knowledgeable in both VALORANT and R6 Siege.

Banger Tweeters

They’re bold, they can be edgy and controversial at times, and they provide the most entertainment out there. For some hot VALORANT takes that will require you to keep it light on the triggered meter, these “banger tweeters” are the ones we recommend to give a follow.

  • @westjett1 – Skin reviews, borderline illegal jokes, and a gift for rhyming. Content creator for SoaR Gaming.
  • @la1kax – Reflecting VALORANT in-game experiences through memes with an edgy undertone.
  • @G2esports – While this one is not only for VALORANT, it remains as a must-follow. G2’s banter is simply too strong with this one.
  • @vanityxz – Cloud9’s in-game leader simply has to be a part of this list. If you take things too seriously, don’t follow him though.
  • @tarik – Former CSGO pro has turned into a huge content creator, regularly covering VALORANT. Watch parties, troll videos, banger tweets, you name it.
  • @zombs – Sarcastic (or not??), edgy, yet usually calm, this Rolex watch-collector will make you question when he’s serious and when he’s not.
  • @infamousbtw – Got a little upset that we didn’t include him at first. Rightfully so. FaZe Clan’s Team Manager will get you hyped for competition through his tweets.

Roster Leakers

Hate em or love em, they’re here and most likely to stay. If you don’t want to wait until an official announcement, these are the finest roster leakers to follow for VALORANT.

  • @GeorgeCGed – An investigative journalist that has made a name for himself on the VALORANT scene.
  • @purest – Started out as a mod for the ValorantCompetitive subreddit. Decided to switch it up and take up investigative journalism instead.
  • @Bo_Hoogland – One of the fresher reporters of the scene that tends to be quite chaotic, yet effective.
  • @frsvalo – Straight from Poland, an investigative journalist that is also a caster and commentator.
  • @Coco_VLR – Another well known roster leaker that also sometimes posts his investigations in French.


When it comes to leaking and datamining future patch notes, new maps, or agents, these are the creme de la creme of getting you informed before official announcements.

  • @ValorLeaks – Your one-stop-shop for basic and latest leaks.
  • @floxayyy & @Schiick – If datamining is your thing, these two always deliver in that regard.
  • @cynprel – However, if you are more interested in VALORANT lore, Cynprel is the person to follow.

Content Creators

Statistics, meta changes, VALORANT discussions and hot takes. Whatever it may be, the following content creators on Twitter are likely to be worth your while if you like any of the aforementioned topics.

  • @ElevatedSpeaksAn analyst and coach that delves into stats, all the meanwhile asking the community’s opinion on VALORANT-related matters.
  • @LotharHS – Streamer, Viper lover, and a solid advice giver on how to improve your gameplay. Also a desk analyst and sometimes a commentator.
  • @quiqdome – Statistics, fun-facts, and solid observations relating to the pro scene.
  • @ThinkingManValo – Hot takes and discussions. If you want to get involved in conversation, that’s the place to be.
  • @PlatChatPodcast – One of the most hilarious and light-hearted content creators to follow. Mostly focus on the top-tier esports news and impactful changes in patches.
  • @Average_Jonas – Former opera singer that has found success in VALORANT content creation with insane Sova lineups and charisma.
  • @_SushantJha – We believe that our very own Ominous provides the best source of next level statistics shown on creative graphs. Also an analyst for Bleed eSports.
  • @willminder – Top rated players, post-event analysis, and tidy charts. For lots of numbers, give this man a follow.
  • @WeltisGames – Interesting takes on analysis with not-so-obvious debunks and questions nobody usually asks. Entertaining if you find stats fun.
  • @flexinja – An Omen main that showed the world how to wield the Controller agent. Content creator for NRG.


Though there’s plenty of them out there, these are our picks for which VALORANT pros to follow on Twitter.

  • @ScreaM_ – The headshot machine has come from CSGO to show how it’s done in VALORANT. Posts mostly clips of his outstanding plays.
  • @TenZOfficial – The North American prodigy has an easy-going vibe when he’s not wrecking noobs in the server.
  • @juliakiran – Playing for G2 Gozen, Juliano transitioned from CSGO to dominate the Game Changers scene.
  • @OfficialBoaster – Fnatic’s IGL is probably the most charming VALORANT player out there. Extremely likeable, hilarious, yet serious when it’s showtime.
  • @eggs_benkai – It’s hilarious enough to see the Paper Rex player come out on stage in costumes. His Twitter account is equally funny.

And that’s it. That’s the list of Twitter accounts to follow. Actually, there’s one more. @runitback_gg.

Stay tuned to Run It Back for all the latest VALORANT news, interviews, and features. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and join the discussion on our Discord channel for in-depth statistics and more!

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