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Valorant Guide: Best Spike Planting Locations for Split

Valorant Guide: Best Spike Planting Locations for Split

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


While a simple concept, planting the Spike in Valorant must be done right. Where you plant the Spike may make the difference between losing and winning the round. Where the Spike is planted should be tailored to the current situation, especially taking into account how close or far the defenders are. It’s no use attempting to plant the Spike if you’re going to be gunned down before you plant it. Also knowing from where to defend the spike is key as the defenders will be doing everything they can to get that 7 second defuse in.

The positions are categorized by two out of five categories: safe, strong, standard, alternate, and dangerous. A strong and dangerous plant will be the most risky to plant, but will be the easiest (in theory) to defend. Alternate positions are good to mix things up given the scenario and to avoid being repetitive. A safe and standard position will be the go-to plant that is the most predictable.

Here are the best spots to plant the Spike on the Valorant map Split with explanations and suggested post-plant defensive spots and setups.

A Bombsite

The A bombsite has a rather large planting area with lots of different ways a Spike can be planted. Given our experience, here are four spots how the Spike could be planted given the scenario.

Safe/Standard: Behind Transit

This is probably the go-to planting position on most occasions. It’s a solid choice when you know that the enemies are close and it’s impossible to plant in an open space. One tip however, is to stand closer to the left side of Transit and plant towards Screens, as this will cover you from any sneaky lurker attempting to push from A Back and catch you, and your team, off guard. Planting around Transit, however, leaves you susceptible to Killjoy’s Nanoswarm.

Safe/Alternate: Towards A Back

This is another secure plant that is safe from enemies potentially spamming utility from Heaven on the previous standard spot. However, make sure that someone is covering A back, as you are extremely exposed from that part of the map if attempting to plant in this alternate spot. This place is also one of the hardest to defend post-plant. You can only access it by getting very close from A Long or A Back.

Strong/Dangerous: In Front of Transit

This is the strongest plant possible on A site Split. It’s a completely open position that allows for it to be covered from virtually anywhere. Attackers positioned on Heaven, A Back, as well as A Main, can easily peak out to control the plant. However, this is an extremely risky plant. The site needs to be covered from all possible spots for the bomb to go down smoothly.

Strong/Alternate: Corner

A tiny bit safer than the previous planting spot, the corner provides another great plant. You are still exposed to defenders from Heaven and A Back, however, so make sure these are covered. This plant, however, provides the perfect place for offensive utility to be thrown, like Brimstone’s Incendiary or Raze’s Paint Shells while defending the Spike.

B Bombsite

The B bombsite on Split offers less opportunities and spots to plant than its’ more open brother, the A site. However, retaking this site may be a problem if the spike is planted in an open position, nevertheless.

Safe/Standard: Behind Box

This is the most popular plant for B site on Split. The planter is safe from Rafters and enemies need to get real high (I’m looking at you Jett), or real close to hit the planter. The box is spammable, however, which is this place’s downside. Also, it can only be effectively watched from B Back, which is not ideal. Nevertheless, this remains as the safest and most effective plant spot. However, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm will most likely be placed in this place.


This is the best spot to plant the Spike on B site on Split. It offers potential cover from B Back, B Rafters, B Ramp, as well as B Alley. This is a high-risk, high-reward position as the planter must be sure that there aren’t any defenders anywhere nearby as they will be totally exposed. The players attempting to defuse, however, will have four spots to worry about when attempting to defuse.


Our final suggested planting spot is close to the double boxes under Rafters. A bit safer than the previous spot because of the more hidden nature, this is also a fantastic spot to plant. The defenders willing to defuse will have a rough time keeping tabs on B Ramp, B Back, as well as Rafters. It’s also a great spot to toss utility, such as Brimstone’s Incendiary, as it’s in a more cornered position.

These are our top planting spots on A and B site of Valorant’s Split.

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