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Valorant Guide: Best Spike Planting Locations for Bind

Valorant Guide: Best Spike Planting Locations for Bind

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


While a simple concept, planting the Spike in Valorant must be done right. Where you plant the Spike may make the difference between losing and winning the round. Where the Spike is planted should be tailored to the current situation, especially taking into account how close or far the defenders are. It’s no use attempting to plant the Spike if you’re going to be gunned down before you plant it. Also knowing from where to defend the spike is key as the defenders will be doing everything they can to get that 7 second defuse in.

The positions are categorized by two out of five categories: safe, strong, standard, alternate, and dangerous. A strong and dangerous plant will be the most risky to plant, but will be the easiest (in theory) to defend. Alternate positions are good to mix things up given the scenario and to avoid being repetitive. A safe and standard position will be the go-to plant that is the most predictable.

Here are the best spots to plant the Spike on the Valorant map Bind with explanations and suggested post-plant defensive spots and setups.

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A Bombsite

The A bombsite on Bind is a relatively large one. It is somewhat divided in two by the truck and the boxes in the middle. This gives separation between the defending side, and the attacking side, needing one or the other to penetrate the halfway zone to get to other side.

Safe/Standard: Truck

This is a go-to plant for an A push from A short. Often times, the area in front of truck will be cut off by using utility such as Sage’s, Viper’s or Phoenix’s wall to provide extra cover for the planter. Despite it being safe, it is the most used plant spot on this site, so the defenders should be ready to toss utility at the planter over truck. Also watch out for Killjoy’s Nanoswarm abuse around truck.

Safe/Alternate: Boxes

We don’t really recommend this planting spot, however, it can be a solid safe spot if a Killjoy is on the other team and she is abusing her Nanoswarm on the truck position. This position can only be watched from Showers, which makes it not ideal. Although, this spot can be a fine quick plant on an eco round to get some extra credits. It’s also easy to dump utility due to the enclosed nature of the double box stack.

Strong/Dangerous: Middle of Site

Given this site’s split nature, planting right between truck and boxes is the ultimate plant. This position can be watched from virtually anywhere, so the rotating defenders will have to be on their toes. Throwing utility in this spot is also relatively easy as the Spike is placed between two objects. The only downside is, you can get easily fragged if the site hasn’t been checked for any lurking defenders beforehand.


This is another fine position to plant given that you are safe to plant anywhere. The advantage here is that it can be watched even from A short, making it not-so-obvious for the potential Spike defusers. Most likely, they will suspect someone sitting in Showers or Lanterns, ready to peek. Surprise them with an A short peek instead.

B Bombsite

The B bombsite on Bind is special because of the possibility of planting inside of the crate in the middle. However, we highly discourage planting there, as defending the plant will be very difficult and will force you to engage in close-quarters combat, something that can go horribly wrong. Instead, opt for planting towards window, long, and elbow.

Safe/Standard: In Front of Crate

This should be everyone’s go-to plant on B bombsite on Bind. Not only is it a great open plant, it’s relatively safe if both sides of the crate are watched while the planter is doing his or her thing. This position can be watched from window, elbow, and B garden, making it relatively easy to defend. As usual, watch out for Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, though.


Although not as strong as the previous spot, this one’s just a bit safer, while still giving you good exposure to defend it. Attackers defending the Spike will have to swing a bit wider from elbow and window, but the trade-off is that utility usage on this cornered position is slightly better, and the planter is safe from potential defenders on other side of the crate. This position, nevertheless, should be watched by an attacker from window.


This is the best planting position on this Bind bombsite. It should be totally safe from Killjoy’s Nanoswarm and it is the most open. Planting here however, will take the extra precaution of ensuring that no one pops out from B Halls and B Backsite, as this can deny the plant instantaneously.

These are our top planting spots on A and B site of Valorant’s Bind.

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