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Best pros to watch who play Yoru

Best pros to watch who play Yoru

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Yoru was an Agent no one wanted to touch for a long time. Now, special players give a treat to their fans when they pull out the blue-haired dimension-jumping Duelist. It truly is a remarkable moment that has everyone on the edge of their seat when they see Yoru in the Agent select portion of a competitive stream.

A year ago, this list would’ve be lucky to have two players on it. In the current competitive scene, however, Yoru isn’t as much of a niche play. There are plenty of instances where his abilities outshine the other Duelists. It has been nice to see the once-loathed character find the love he deserves from the player base.

Remember to check out the other Duelists that Run It Back has covered so far before we get into the best pros to watch that player Yoru:

Note: This article may be subjective and reflect the opinion of the writer. Players are not listed in any specified ranking order.

Best pros to watch who play Yoru


As the noted stated above, this isn’t a ranking at all. It would be foolish to not consider Jason f0rsakeN Susanto the best, or at least the most recognizable Yoru player on the planet, though. He’s been doing work with the Agent since all the way back in June 2021. When Paper Rex plays Bind, expect f0rsakeN to pick Yoru and lead them to victory. They have only lost the map one time since November, and that was to DRX at Masters Reykjavik.

There are countless competitive matches where he puts Yoru’s skills to the test. Not to mention the amount of ranked VODs and YouTube highlights that can be found. There’s no other way to describe it other than “remarkable.” He does things many thought weren’t possible with the Agent. Credit f0rsakeN for making Yoru mainstream and just watch some of the insane teleportation and trick-style plays he pulls off.


Leung “trinity” Hing Yip has the most amount of time spent on Yoru in recent memory. With Only One Word, this player has become the Yoru main of the Hong Kong and Taiwan scene. The team has had its ups and downs in terms of success over the course of VCT 2022 Stage 2, but one thing has remained constant. Yoru and trinity go hand-in-hand.

Just watch the VOD above for the Lower Bracket Round 1 contest of Only One Word vs. IVAN. OOW takes it 2:0 with trinity ending the series 36/18/8. That’s dominance with Yoru on Breeze and Ascent. If you want to study a team with a regular, everyday Yoru player, take a look at OOW and what trinity has been able to accomplish.


Julia juliano Kiran is our first GC entry in this series. The G2 Gozen player is an absolute unit in the server. She has helped her team to multiple consecutive Game Changers championships. And Yoru has been there for a bit of that ride. While the appearances have been sporadic, juliano made sure they were memorable.

Look no further than the Grand Final of GC EMEA Series II for 2022. G2 Gozen swept the best-of-five series against Guild X with Ascent as the second map. The Yoru pick was made, juliano ended the map 22/18/5, and made a killer attacking play to end it in overtime 15:13. She may not pick the Duelist all the time, but you can tell she has tons of fun playing him and likes to put on a show.


Park Bazzi Jun-ki looks to be taking the route of a Yoru main. He hasn’t played another Agent since Stage 2 of the Korean VCT has begun. Honestly, it is great to see. Whether win or lose, Bazzi sticks to Yoru and does what his team requires of him. And it has helped On Sla2ers to a winning record so far in the Group Stage.

A prime example of him going utterly insane on the Duelist would be the match against SPEAR GAMING. ONS swept it 2:0 and Bazzi led the charge with a KDA of 40/26/9. That’s on Breeze and Ascent, where we’ve seen previous entries on this list pop off. He really does it all, making him the pro to watch if you want to see how Yoru works in all types of scenarios. From running it down without a care to calculated team play with his utility, Bazzi makes it all look so easy.


We have our first professional VALORANT player making his second appearance in the series. Jayvee DubsteP Paguirigan landed on the Jett list and finds himself here on Yoru too. The Team Secret player has no problem switching between Duelists and making it work. In fact, in the five times (as of writing this) that he has played the Agent, Team Secret only lost one of those maps.

You’ll find DubsteP take Yoru onto Bind and Ascent, like many others, and put up huge numbers even in defeat. Team Secret fought their way to a Philippines VCT Stage 2 Challengers victory and on the way, they played South Built Esports in the Upper Semifinals. Among all of the games as Yoru, that was perhaps his most dominant. He ended it with a KDA of 17/9/2 and showed how powerful Yoru can be with teammates that are just as powerful surrounding him.

Stay tuned to Run It Back as we only have on Duelist left in the series. From there, we’ll swap to the Initiator class!

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