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Best comps for a VALORANT duo queue

Best comps for a VALORANT duo queue

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


VALORANT players can dive into a game alone, a full stack, or simply with another friend. The higher ranks don’t allow for five stacks to run wild. Instead, you have to try your luck getting solid teammates with just one other player. VALORANT duo queues are the restriction when you are near the peak. Of course, a lot of players simply stick with the agent they know best.

If you want to run with a nasty duo combo, however, here are Run It back’s best agent combinations for a VALORANT duo queue.

Best comps for a VALORANT duo queue

Jett and Breach

Image via Riot Games

The Jett and Breach combination is a classic. Your VALORANT duo queue is going to be an aggressive nightmare for the opposing team if you load in with these two agents. Even the ever-evolving VALORANT meta, these two can still wreak havoc. Think of this combination as the ultimate one-two punch.

Breach can flash an enemy while Jett dashes in. Jett ends up behind the opponent for the easy pick while they are recovering from the flash. Breach can displace another player with Aftershock while the hopefully precise aim of the Jett player waits to take them out. The possibilities are endless with these two.

Jett and Skye

Image via Riot Games

Jett and Skye are just another version of Breach and Jett. Skye can cause some chaos, disorienting the other team with her kit. Her Trailblazer, Guiding Light, and Seekers Ultimate all can send enemies panicking. While they are flashed or being pushed by one Skye’s trinkets, Jett can move in for the kill.

If you and your VALORANT duo queue partner want to keep the pressure on, look no further than this pair. It doesn’t hurt that Jett can retreat from a fight with her Tailwind. You can regroup with your teammate for Skye’s Regrowth. Heal up at a safe distance and return to the battle with even more confidence.

Killjoy and Cypher

Image via Riot Games

If you and your partner aren’t comfortable in the Duelist role, why not try a double Sentinel queue? Many teams are moving away from the must needed Duelist mindset. As well, not many opposing teams will see this coming and have a strategy to counter it. Killjoy and Cypher together can be a brick wall.

Your team will have a Sentinel to hold down each site on defense. Killjoy can set up with her Turret and Alarmbots over on A while Cypher can control B with his Trapwire, Cyber Cages, and Spycam. On attack, you have someone to watch the flank and someone to help push or defend from a retake. It might take some practice to get the double Sentinel style down, but it can be well worth it.

Sova and Viper

Image via Riot Games

Maybe utility and post plant are the way you and your VALORANT duo want to play? Viper and Sova are the way to go currently. They can both clear a site, prevent a plant, and stop a defuse. There are so many scenarios where these two agents could cause serious trouble for opposing players.

Viper can stand her ground inside of her Ultimate while Sova darts the outside. This could Viper vital information on where enemies are coming from and even set her up for some kills. On the contrary, Sova could use his Ultimate and Viper could block the path if someone were to push to stop it. Then you have the Shock Darts and Snakebites raining down on the planted Spike. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Yoru and Omen

Image via Riot Games

This is one of the more tactical VALORANT duo combinations. Two agents with teleporting capabilities can confuse and destroy enemy teams. Omen can smoke to cover Yoru’s teleports. Yoru can flash to set up Omen’s teleport. These two truly mesh well together even with the lack of Yoru seen in the game compared to other Duelists.

The main goal of this composition is to have each other’s backs and trade kills. Pushing a site at different angles is key. If Yoru teleports to the back, have Omen teleport in toward the front. And vice versa. This matters if one of you grabs their attention and is eliminated. Call out the opponent’s position for your duo partner to trade the kill.

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