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Are One Handed Gaming Keyboards Good for Valorant?

Are One Handed Gaming Keyboards Good for Valorant?

Phillip Miner


Most readers will ask what the heck “one handed gaming keyboards” are right about now. Well, they’re pretty much what they say on the tin. They are miniature keyboards, often placed on the left side and used by the left hand. They vary from the simple, having just keys, to the more complex (and expensive) ones that have everything from ergonomic grips to mouse wheels and mini sticks. One handed keyboards can be bought from big and well-known companies such as Razer, as well as smaller ones like Redragon.

We’re guessing your next question is: “are one handed gaming keyboards useful for Valorant?” We will dive into that very question. First, however, we’re going to ask why any gamer would want a one handed gaming keyboard in the first place.

Why Would You Want a One Handed Gaming Keyboard?

There are a variety of reasons why one would use a one handed gaming keyboard. Admittedly, under most circumstances they provide no significant advantage, but there are certain scenarios where one of these input devices would be practical. We’re going to go over a couple of these:

  • Dealing with small keyboards/keys
  • Ergonomics

Small Keyboards

Statistically speaking, keyboards have gotten smaller over the years. Major tech magazine Wired has noted this trend. While you can still buy large keyboards, there’s one instance where small keyboards are forced upon you: owning a laptop. The smaller laptops out there have notoriously bad keyboards. If you happen to be playing Valorant on such a laptop (which is possible seeing as Valorant can run on potatoes), we can imagine playing on that keyboard is rather uncomfortable.

While you could just get a larger keyboard to plug into your laptop, there are some advantages to buying a one handed gaming keyboard over a traditional one. For one thing, they take up less space. If you’re desperate enough to play Valorant on a laptop, you’re probably pressed for space anyway. Furthermore, depending which one you get and where you put it, it could be more comfortable and better for your posture. More on that below.


Arguably, whether or not a one handed gaming keyboard is more ergonomic will depend on which one you get. Some are definitely more ergonomic than others. The more ergonomic ones are preferable because they can provide more comfort over extended Valorant play sessions than many standard keyboards. Plus, getting ergonomic devices is good for you if you happen to be suffering from the Gamers’ Disease (a.k.a. carpal tunnel syndrome).

All this said, if your setup falls into one of these previous scenarios and you can benefit from one handed gaming keyboards, which ones are best for Valorant? We’ll get to that next.

The Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards for Valorant

The above image is that of the Razer Tartarus V2. While we’re not specifically endorsing this device, we do recommend it for Valorant for a couple of reasons. First, the ergonomics are similar to that of a wrist brace, meaning it will be a good fit for most hands. Secondly, you can download software to remap the keys of this device, in case its default bindings aren’t to your liking.

We’re highlighting this device because it has the features good one handed gaming keyboards should have. There are other good one handed gaming keyboards besides this one, however. Other manufacturers of these devices include Redragon, Logitech, and NPET. A video highlighting the best of these devices is below:

While we here at Run it Back are not specifically endorsing the use of such devices, we definitely see their purpose. If you use one yourself, we’d like to know your experience with it and how you use it for Valorant. You can do so by joining our Discord! Of course, keep your browser parked here for all of your other Valorant needs.