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Are cheating troll teams dangerous for Valorant?

Are cheating troll teams dangerous for Valorant?

Gabriel Ionica


Orgless teams are a common sight in esports. Before making it big and being picked up by an organization, many players start out in these small teams. Some even have “troll-y” or “meme-y” names as a joke. But what happens when multiple of these orgless troll-y teams are caught cheating?

Troll teams Caught Cheating

Two of the more popular cases of this happening are with two teams called “hehe_” and “200Policemen.”

200Policemen were caught cheating after they qualified for Genesis Cup Viento, a Spanish tournament hosted by LVP. The tournament organizers received a tip that some players on the team were cheating in the qualifier. After confirming the information with RIot, the players were banned and the team was removed from the tournament.

Hehe_ were caught cheating in Genesis Cup Radiants, another Spanish tournament hosted by LVP. This time, they managed to get to their second group match before being caught cheating and subsequently banned.

The important thing to note here is that these are the cases we know of. Take a look at qualifiers in areas where esports are not as developed as they are in Europe or North America; you will likely find other examples of these troll-y teams. There is no telling how many cheating teams have slipped through the cracks.

These kinds of teams are not only damaging to the image of Valorant esports as a whole, but also to small orgless teams. If this kind of behavior becomes too common, people might be wary of taking those teams seriously and wrongfully assume they are all cheaters. The obvious solution would be to screen each team before they play, but that’s a costly and time-consuming strategy. Another solution would be to have teams go through a website that automatically screens them, but that might also be costly.

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