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Amilwa leaves MOUZ

Amilwa leaves MOUZ

Sinan Koyuncu


One of VRL DACH: Evolution’s forefront teams, MOUZ, have lost one core member of their VALORANT team. With a statement shared on his Twitter account, Amine “Amilwa” Saidi revealed his departure from the team due to personal reasons.

MOUZ roster

The in-game leader emphasized his sadness due to the separation and mentioned that he’s looking for VRL offers, especially in VRL France: Revolution.

Amilwa had been a part of the roster since it was competing under the name of MMix. Participating in the qualifier of VRL DACH back in January, the orgless team succeeded in qualifying for the main event despite having little time to prepare. Right before the regular season started, MOUZ acquired the roster and made their first-ever entrance to the VALORANT scene.

The lineup managed to retain its good form during the group stage of VRL DACH. Taking only one loss, they qualified for the playoffs in first place with five victories. However, their journey in the knockout stage ended pretty quickly after getting defeated by FOKUS and Wave Esports consecutively. This caused them to miss the opportunity to make it through the VCT 2022 EMEA Stage 2 Challengers.

Although he appeared on the server with different agents from time to time, Amilwa mainly undertook the Sova role in the roster. The French player finished VRL DACH: Evolution Stage 1 and helped his teammates with 1.07 KD, 193 ACS and 126 assists.

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