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Allied Esports Odyssey: Day 3 Recap

Allied Esports Odyssey: Day 3 Recap

Richard Brown


Day 3 of the Allied Esports Odyssey event continued on with the action, getting through another three more matches from the round-robin group stage. Giants went up against FunPlus Phoenix, BBL Esports took on Liquid and G2 faced off against NiP. The group stage began on the 11th and ends on the 15th of August, with the playoffs beginning on the 16th of August.

The Allied Esports Odyssey group stage consists of best-of-two matches, with each team facing each other. Top four teams out of six advance to the playoff stage.

Day 3 Results

Giants 1:1 FunPlus Phoenix

The first map saw Giants putting up a very dominant first half, where they were able to put up 9 rounds on defense. They were then able to close out Haven without letting FunPlus Phoenix get going on the map. FunPlus Phoenix did not let this result go unanswered, however, and wasted no time as they absolutely destroyed Giants 13:0 on Ascent. With each team winning one map, the end result was a draw.

  • Haven – Giants 13:7 FunPlus Phoenix
  • Ascent – Giants 0:13 FunPlus Phoenix

Liquid 2:0 BBL Esports

The newly acquired Liquid roster made short work of BBL Esports, winning both maps with relative ease. BBL Esports earned their spot through the qualifier, however, it seems that they haven’t been able to match up against the higher tier opponents. Winning their next two matches will be their only hope of making the playoffs.

  • Haven – Liquid 13:8 BBL
  • Split – Liquid 13:6 BBL

G2 2:0 NiP

G2 managed to get straight back into winning form after the previous nights’ defeat versus FunPlus Phoenix. They put up a dominant defensive half on the first map, Ascent, winning 10 rounds. NiP then tried to match this result but fell short by 1 round. The first half of Bind saw a similar situation unfolding as on Ascent, with G2 winning 9 rounds on defense. However, NiP was not able to mount a similar comeback and lost the map 13:8.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Davidp and his family after their recent loss.

  • Ascent – G2 13:11 NiP
  • Bind – G2 13:8 NiP

Allied Esports Odyssey – Day 3 Standings

Allied Esports Odyssey Day 3
Image via Liquipedia

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