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Allied Esports Odyssey: Day 1 Recap

Allied Esports Odyssey: Day 1 Recap

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Allied Esports Odyssey is in full swing after the first set of matches. Being part of the Ignition Series by Valorant, the tournament features top teams from the Europe (EU) region, including G2 Esports. This is also the first time we see Team Liquid after it announced its newest roster featuring Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom.

Allied Esports Odyssey group stage follows best-of-two format with each team facing each other. Top four teams out of six advance to the playoff stage.

Day 1 results

Vodafone Giants vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP)

The two teams ended up having very close matchups on Bind and Ascent. On Bind, NiP ended up in the lead from the start, but Giants were lurking nearby to minimize the lead. However, the Swedish organization managed to edge out Bindd 13:9. Ascent was even a closer encounter. Both teams felt at home on their attacking sides, leading to a 12:12 draw with an overtime. Giants were the winner in the very end, which led to the matchup ending in a draw, after a 14:12 win in additional time.

  • Bind: Giants 9:13 NiP
  • Ascent: Giants 14:12 NiP

G2 Esports vs. BBL Esports

Although the EU favorites did beat BBL Esports in the end, it was much closer than most would have liked it to be. Oscar “Mixwell” Canellas was having a rough time getting heated up on the G2 side. Luckily, his teammates stepped up and closed out Haven by a marginal 13:10. Ascent yet again became a close affair. Both teams displayed a confident defense side. In the end, the four rounds won on attack by G2 were the decider as the European powerhouse edged it out 13:9. Despite close results, G2 walks away with a win, while BBL ends up bottom of the table.

  • Haven: G2 13:10 BBL
  • Ascent: G2 13:9 BBL

Team Liquid vs. FunPlus Phoenix

This one was perhaps the most exciting matchup of the day. Both teams had a debut under new team banners. Team Liquid with the fish123 roster alongside ScreaM, while FunPlus Phoenix just signed Zyppan and co. to its roster. Team Liquid were the obvious favorite, yet Haven was very much a close one. ScreaM and co. managed to avoid overtime and closed it out at barely 13:11 after a tough fight from FunPlus Pheonix’s side. Map two took us to Bind, where we saw an even closer matchup than before. A head-to-head rivalry ensued, making Bind one hell of a ride. An overtime was necessary to decide the winner. It was a clean sweep for FunPlus Phoenix, as they closed things out at 14:12, without the need to take things further.

  • Haven: Team Liquid 13:11 FunPlus Phoenix
  • Bind: Team Liquid 12:14 FunPlus Phoenix

Table after day 1

Following the group stage matches of the first day, the table looks as follows:

Source: Liquipedia

G2 are the only team with a win after day one, as the other teams except BBL have a draw behind their belts.

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