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AfreecaTV Asia Showdown – Vision Strikers Take First Place

AfreecaTV Asia Showdown – Vision Strikers Take First Place

Richard Brown


Vision Striker secured themselves a first place finish in the AfreecaTV Asia Showdown, defeating Absolute Jupiter 2:0 in the grand final.

This event was one of Riot Game’s partner program, Ignition Series events, and featured an impressive $15,000 prize pool. The prize was split with first place taking home $10,000 and second place receiving $5,000.

Four teams from the Asian region participated in the event and played through a single-elimination bracket. All of the matches were in a best-of-three (BO3) format, including the grand final.

The four teams that took part in the event are listed below:

AfreecaTV Asia Showdown – Main Event Results

Absolute Jupiter and Vision Strikers made quick work of their opponents in the semi-finals, both winning their matches 2:0. Absolute Jupiter has had some notable wins in the past and were probably the favorites coming into this match. However, the South Korean team made short work of Absolute Jupiter, showing that they might be the next dominant team in the region.

Vision Strikers took the first map, Ascent, 13:10 and followed this up with a more dominant victory on the second map; winning Bind 13:7.

AfreecaTV Asia Showdown bracket
Image via Liquipedia

AfreecaTV Asia Showdown – Influencer Event Results

In addition to the main event, the AfreecaTV Asia Showdown featured another event for influencers from the Asian region. These creators and influencers were grouped together by country to compete against each other. This event also featured a $15,000 and followed the same format as the main event.

Interestingly enough, in contrast to the main event – where a South Korean team defeated a Japanese team – the opposite happened in the influencer event. Team Japan was able to defeat Team South Korea 2:0.

Image via Liquipedia

The Asian scene seems to be really getting behind Valorant in a way that it hasn’t done for other FPS titles. Having Riot-partnered events like this looks to be achieving the desired result.

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