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A.W Extreme Masters Pro Invitational – JUPITER Secure First Place

A.W Extreme Masters Pro Invitational – JUPITER Secure First Place

Richard Brown


The A.W Extreme Masters Pro Invitational has concluded with Absolute JUPITER defeating REJECT in the grand final, 3:1.

The format of the event consisted of sixteen teams from Japan, playing through a double-elimination bracket. All of the matches were in a best-of-three (BO3) format, with the grand final being a best-of-five (BO5).

The event ran from August 31 – September 21 and featured a ¥1000,000 prize pool ($9,529). First place received ¥500,000, second place received ¥250,000 and third and fourth place took home ¥150,000 and ¥100,000 respectively. In addition to the cash prize, the top four teams have earned an invite to the main event, which will include teams from all over Asia.

The following four teams will receive an invite to the main event:

A.W Extreme Masters – Results

REJECT played their way through the upper bracket without losing a series. They faced off against JUPITER and were able to defeat them 2:1 in the third round of the upper bracket. This meant that REJECT had a one map advantage going into the BO5 grand final.

After being knocked down into the lower bracket, JUPITER was able to win their next three matches against Crazy Racoon, DeToNator, and DetonatioN Gaming. This meant that they were on for a rematch against REJECT in the grand final.

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The second time around, JUPITER were able to win the series convincingly, even with an initial map disadvantage.

  • Ascent – JUPITER 13:11 REJECT
  • Haven – JUPITER 13:8 REJECT
  • Split – JUPITER 13:7 REJECT

The dates and the other teams that will be attending the main event have not yet been confirmed. The event, however, should be taking place in October. The main event will also feature a $50,000 prize pool. It’s great to see Japan getting involved in the Valorant esports scene in a way that it hasn’t done for any other FPS esports titles thus far.

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